Kids learn Spanish words for transportation in a 3-minute video.

Los medios de transporte is a video in the Spanish Words Kids Love series from Spanish Playground. This short video teaches Spanish words for means of transportation in the context of simple sentences and supported by focused images to support the language.

There is a question-answer segment to encourage kids to produce the vocabulary. See the other videos in the series, print picture cards and read more about Spanish Words Kids Love in these posts: Las frutas, Los juguetes del mercado, ¿Qué tiene?, Las verduras, La ropa.

Videos are a great way for children to learn Spanish. Check out all our Spanish videos for kids.

Los medios de transporte teaches the verb form es and words for vehicles. Below the video you will find vocabulary, activity suggestions and printable picture cards for games.

Spanish Words in the Video

los medios de transporte – means of transportation

es – is

¿qué? – what

el autobús – bus

el carro – car

la motocicleta – motorcycle

el taxi – taxi

el camión de bomberos – fire truck

la ambulancia – ambulance

el barco – ship, large boat

la lancha – small boat

la bicicleta – bicycle

el camión – truck

Video extension activities

– Use the vocabulary picture cards below for a variety of extension activities. The cards are black and white so that children can color them. There are blank cards so they can add more vehicles.

– Children can watch the video and order the picture cards as they watch. They can use the cards during the second half of the video to help them answer the questions.

– Give each child a set of cards. Lay your cards out, saying them as you put them down. Children should put their cards out in the same order as they listen. Then, tell the kids to switch two cards: Cambia de lugar la bicicleta por el camión. Do that several times and then have one of the children say the cards and everyone can check the order.

– Identify cards by category: Tiene dos llantas, Tiene cuatro llantas, etc.

– Cut the picture cards in half or in thirds to make simple puzzles.

– Cut the words off the picture cards and kids can match the pictures to the words.

– Have a syllable race. Kids take turns drawing cards from a bag, saying the word and jumping once for each syllable. The first one to reach the finish lines wins. You can put in several copies of the cards or add more words if several children are playing.

– Use toy vehicles for el carro, el camión, el taxi, el camión de bomberos, la ambulancia, el autobús to play with cardboard ramps. Talk about which vehicle went the farthest as a way of repeating the vocabulary.

– Kids can find pictures of vehicles in magazines and make a poster or a mini-book using the structure in the video: Es un carro. Es una bicicleta. This is an easy activity to combine with colors to practice agreement.

– Set out several cards and describe one. Kids guess which you are describing.

– You can find more activities in this list of 25 activities using picture cards. The list refers to animal picture cards, but many of the activities can be used with any vocabulary.

Spanish Words Kids Love Printable Cards

*** Picture cards for games and activities: Los medios de transporte ***

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