A video and picture cards to teach Spanish words for kids.

Spanish Words Kids Love is a set of videos from Spanish Playground that teach language in context. The videos are set in Mexico and are full of the color and culture. This video Spanish Words Kids Love video is about Las frutas.

The video is available on YouTube and featured with interactive games in the Spanish Playground free iPad and iPhone apps. The app is free and focused. It is intended to supplement the video and hands-on learning. You can get the Las frutas app here. 

Videos are a great way for children to learn Spanish. Check out all our Spanish videos for kids.

Video Features

The Las frutas video has full sentences supported by beautiful images and native-speaker audio. In addition, there are basic structures that kids can transfer to other situations, and lots of repetition of structures.

After the video introduces the vocabulary, there is an interactive question segment to encourage kids to produce Spanish.

Also, fruit, like other foods, plays an important part in the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. So, the video has a significant cultural component that you can share with kids.

We’ve included some printable games and activities to extend learning. Download the picture cards below.

Spanish Words in the Video

el mercado – the market
hay – there is, there are
muchas – many
las frutas – fruit
las manzanas – apples
rojas – red
amarillas – yellow
los plátanos – bananas
las guayabas – guava (see cultural note below)
la sandía – watermelon
las uvas – grapes
los limones – limes
la piña – pineapple
también – also
la sal – salt
chile – chile pepper powder (see cultural note below)
nieve – water-based frozen sweet like sorbet (see cultural note below)
mango – mango
¿qué? – what

Cultural Notes

Here are a few cultural notes you may want to share with kids learning Spanish.


Guava is a common fruit in Latin America. It is rapidly becoming more popular throughout the U.S.


Nieve is a water-based treat like sorbet and comes in a variety of fruit flavors. It is available on street corners and in neverías throughout Mexico. Helado is milk-based ice cream.

Fruta con limón, sal, y chile

This is a very common way to eat fruit in Mexico. The chile is chili pepper powder.

El mercado

The video was filmed at the Mercado Hidalgo in the city of Guanajuato. There are many excellent images of this famous market online.

Video Extension Activities

– Use the vocabulary picture cards for a variety of extension activities. The cards are black and white so that children can color them.

Here is a list of 25 activities using picture cards. The list refers to animal picture cards, but many of the activities can be used with any vocabulary.

– Do a role play with the vocabulary. One person sells fruit and the other is a buyer who arrives (practice greetings) and asks ¿Qué frutas hay?. This is also a good situation to review gustar. For example, the buyer could respond No me gusta/n to everything or almost everything. The buyer can also leave to buy nieve.

– If any of the fruits in the video are unfamiliar, try them. You might want to try guava juice, jelly or candy. You can also find lime and mango sorbet in many grocery stores.

– Try fruit with salt, lime and chile. You can find Tajín, a powder with all three flavors, in many grocery stores and online.

– Have children create a mini-book, poster or video to review other vocabulary they have learned. Use the structure in the video: En la casa, hay muchos muebles. En la granja, hay muchos animales. En la tienda, hay mucha ropa. En la ciudad, hay muchos vehículos.

– Use the printable flip book below to reinforce the vocabulary in the video.

Fruit Salad Video

If you’re learning about fruit in Spanish, this video of a conversation is also a good one to share with kids. You can find more printable activities in this collection of fruit in Spanish learning activities.

Printable Fruit Picture Cards and Flip Book

Picture cards for games and activities

Flip book – Las frutas

Learning fruit vocabulary in Spanish is a wonderful introduction to language and culture. With a combination of formats, children get the necessary exposure to these words to remember and use them as they acquire more language.

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