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La ropa is a video in the Spanish Words Kids Love series from Spanish Playground. This short video teaches Spanish words for common clothing items in the context of full sentences with focused images to support the language.

There is a question-answer segment to encourage kids to produce the vocabulary. See the other videos in the series, print picture cards and read more about Spanish Words Kids Love in these posts: Las frutas, Los juguetes del mercado, ¿Qué tiene? and Las verduras.

Videos are a great way for children to learn Spanish. Check out all our Spanish videos for kids.

La ropa teaches the verb form lleva and clothing words. Below the video you will find vocabulary, activity suggestions and printable picture cards for games and printable fill-in-the-vowels vocabulary practice.

Spanish Words in the Video

¿qué? – what?
lleva – is wearing
la chica – the girl
la blusa – blouse
los calcetines – socks
las botas – boots
el saco – blazer, suit jacket
los jeans – jeans
la bufanda – scarf
el sombrero – hat
la falda – skirt
los zapatos – shoes
el collar – necklace
los lentes – glasses

Activities with picture cards

– Use the vocabulary picture cards below for a variety of extension activities. The cards are black and white so that children can color them. There are blank cards so they can add more items of clothing.

– Children can watch the video and order the picture cards as they watch. They can use the cards during the second half of the video to help them answer the questions out loud.

– Give each child a set of cards. Lay your cards out, saying them as you put them down. Children should put their cards out in the same order as they listen. Then, tell the kids to switch two cards: Cambia de lugar el sombrero por la falda. Do that several times and then have one of the children say the cards and everyone can check the order.

– Identify which cards can fit into a category: Se lleva en el invierno, se lleva el los pies, puede ser de metal, etc.

-You can find more activities in this list of 25 activities using picture cards. The list refers to animal picture cards, but many of the activities can be used with any vocabulary.

More Extension Activities

– Use printable paper dolls and color on clothes or cut out pictures to dress them. Talk about the clothing as you play.

– If you are in a group, take terms describing what someone is wearing. The others guess who is being described. You can also play this game (discretely) in public places.

– Do a role play with the vocabulary. For example, kids can practice complementing each other: Me gusta la blusa, Me gustan los zapatos. El collar es bonito.

You can also establish a situation where child A describes what someone is wearing so that child B can find her. Child B asks ¿Qué lleva? For example, someone tells a friend to meet someone in front of the library to get a book.

– Describe what people in magazine pictures or photos are wearing. Kids can make a poster or a mini-book and use the structure in the video: La chica lleva una blusa. El chico lleva zapatos. This is an easy activity to combine with colors to practice agreement.

– Do a fashion show where kids describe what a friend is wearing. You can also do this with dolls. This activity combines naturally with colors and body parts.

Spanish Words Kids Love Printables

Fill-in-the-vowels vocabulary practice.

Picture cards for games and activities: La ropa

spanish words clothes

Easy Spanish Conversation about Clothes in Spanish

In addition to learning vocabulary, kids need to hear the words used in natural conversation. We love this short video about what to wear to a party.

Try these videos and the extension activities for learning clothes in Spanish your kids or students. We would love to hear how they work for you!

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