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I am happy to share the second video in the Spanish Words Kids Love series, Los juguetes del mercado. These short videos by Spanish Playground teach language in context with beautiful images. See the first video, print picture cards and read more about Spanish Words Kids Love.  You can also get the free Spanish Playground app that features this video with interactive games.

Juguetes del mercado teaches the verb form veo, common animal words, and words associated with toys and sweets you find in a Mexican market. Below the video you will find vocabulary, cultural notes, activity suggestions and printable picture cards for games. There is also a printable fill-in-the-vowels activity with the vocabulary.

Spanish Words in the Video
el mercado – market (see cultural note below)
veo – I see
los juguetes – toys (see cultural note below)
los dulces – candy, sweets
los sombreros – hats
el camión – truck
el pingüino – penguin
el dragón – dragon
el caballo – horse
el pato – duck
el tigre – tiger
el elefante – elephant
también – also, too
el chicle – gum
la cancha de fútbol – soccer field (see cultural note below)
muchas – many
las paletas – lollipops (see cultural note)
la guitarra – guitar
la marioneta – puppet
la fresa – strawberry
la fruta – fruit
las trompetas – trumpet, horn
todo – everything
me gusta – I like
¿qué? – what
¿ves? – do you see?

Cultural notes
– el mercado – The video was filmed at the Mercado Hidalgo in the city of Guanajuato. There are many excellent images of this famous market online.
– los juguetes – Mexico has a rich tradition of handmade wooden toys. The video shows a variety of animals, a puppet and a guitar to focus on common vocabulary. Read about traditional Mexican toys and see other traditional Mexican toys.
– la cancha de fútbol – As you probably know, soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. A soccer field is most commonly a cancha de fútbol in Latin America. It can also be campo de futbol.
– las paletas – In México, una paleta is a lollipop and a popsicle or fruit bar on a stick. Other countries use piruleta (Spain) or chupete (Peru, Chile).

Extension activities
– Use the printable vocabulary picture cards for a variety of extension activities. The cards are black and white so that children can color them. Here is a list of 25 activities using picture cards. The list refers to animal picture cards, but many of the activities can be used with any vocabulary.

– Do a listening activity where children listen to the video (minimize the window) and order the cards as they hear the words.

– Have kids invent gestures or actions for each of the vocabulary words and do them as they watch the video.

– Use the picture cards to play charades. Take turns acting out and guessing the pictures on the cards.

– Describe one of the cards. Kids tell you which one you are describing.

– Use the cards to practice me gusta. One child says, for example, Me gusta el dragón and another child gives it to her. If the children are old enough to work with pretend pesos, you can put a price on each toy and they can buy them. You can print simple play money and label it as pesos if you like.

– Use the cards to play ¿Qué le vas a regalar a…? where you ask children what they would give as a present to a family member or friend. If you’re playing in a group, ask about someone in the group. They can give the card to that person and then you ask about someone else. You can play this with the cards face up so kids can choose what they would give, or you can put them in a pile face down so that what they give is a surprise. If you play that way, you can use the blank cards to include some kind of bobby prize.

– Play a version of I have ..Who has? using the vocabulary picture cards. List the words where kids can see them or put out one set of cards as a reference. Distribute the cards randomly (up to 14 kids with the vocabulary from the video). It is fine if a child has more than one card. Someone starts by saying Tengo el pato (for example) and then choosing another vocabulary word and asking who has it: ¿Quién tiene el elefante? That player answers and asks about another word. If you have a written list, you can cross them off as you go. If you are using the cards as a reference, pick them up as they are used.

Spanish Words Kids Love Printables

Picture cards for games and activities: Los juguetes del mercado

Complete-the-word Spanish vowels activity with the vocabulary.

Tips for using picture cards in Spanish

– If the words are new, talk about the cards together before you play so children have a chance to hear them.
– When you play a game, limit the number of new words and include picture cards of vocabulary the children know.
– Use the words for the pictures on the cards as much as possible as you play.
– Do activities where kids hear new words first and then move to games and activities where they produce them.

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