Spanish word-building game to practice spring vocabulary.

Working with syllables is a good way to practice vocabulary. I do a variety of word-building activities where students fill in a missing syllable or order syllables to form a word. In the Spanish word-building game below, players read clues and use the syllable cards to build words.

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In this Spanish word-building game, players are working with a set of 20 syllables. They can read through the clues and form the words they know first. There are fewer syllables left as they make each word, making it easier to recognize words they may not remember. It is good reading practice, and the activity is fun!

Kids arrange syllables to make words in this Spanish word-building game.

If kids get stuck and can’t see more words, encourage them to rearrange the syllables and try them in different combinations. Of course, if they are not at all familiar with a word, you can remove the syllables for that word from the game and cross out the clue.

This Spanish word-building game involves forming words with syllables.

There is one Spanish word-building game with weather vocabulary and a Spanish word-building game with spring words. The set for spring vocabulary has small pictures to support the clues. I going to be using both of these activities with the same group this week, so I made them with different fonts so the sets don’t get mixed up. You may want to print them on different colored paper. I use cardstock and laminate.

Download This Spanish Word-Building Game

Word-Building with Spring Vocabulary

Word Building with Weather Vocabulary

These are the words in the spring Spanish word-building game:

La primavera ( 8 words – 20 syllables)

Flores – Plantas de muchos colores, a veces huelen bien.
Árbol – Una planta grande con ramas. Los pájaros hacen sus nidos allí.
Cielo – El espacio arriba de nosotros donde están las nubes. Se ve azul o a veces gris.
Hoja – La parte verde del árbol.
Pájaro – Los animales con plumas y alas. Vuelan y cantan.
Abeja – Un insecto muy importante para las plantas. Produce miel. A veces pican.
Mariposa – Un insecto de muchos colores con alas grandes.
Lluvia – El agua que cae del cielo.

These are the words in the weather Spanish word-building game:

El clima  (20 syllables – 8 words)

Lluvia  – El agua que cae del cielo
Nieve – Cae del cielo cuando hace mucho frío.
Primavera – La estación cuando las plantas empiezan a crecer. Viene después del invierno.
Invierno – La estación cuando hace más frío
Calor – Lo que sentimos durante el verano
Nubes – Están en el cielo. Son blancas o grises.
Viento – El movimiento del aire
Verano – La estación cuando hace más calor

Make Your Own Spanish Word-Building Game

You can make this activity with any vocabulary. The words do not have to be related to a theme. It is an easy activity to make because the clues don’t have to be real definitions. The clues simply have to describe familiar words in away students can recognize them as they look at the syllables. In other words, you can adapt the language in the clues to your students.

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