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Monarca Language has generously provided Spanish Playground with these Spanish winter vocabulary activities. If you have kids learning Spanish, these activities provide an excellent way to practice winter clothes words and common verbs. Be sure to check out other Monarca Language materials and try their one-month free trial

The drawings on these activity sheets make it easy to talk about winter vocabulary in Spanish. Be sure to introduce the vocabulary first so that kids understand the words. The clothes words are fun to introduce with real objects, but you can also use picture cards. Then as your child does the activity sheets, point to the pictures and use the vocabulary as much as possible.

I like that Monarca materials limit the number of words used at one time. By focusing on just four clothes words, kids can use the vocabulary and retain it. It also is easier to re-enter the vocabulary in other activities if there are not too many words.

Spanish Winter Vocabulary Printables

Activity Sheets from Monarca Language

These are the words used in these printable activity sheets:
el sombrero – hat
la bufanda – scarf
los guantes – gloves
los botones – buttons

patinar – to skate
jugar – to play
hacer – to make
construir – to build
la nieve – snow
el hielo – ice
el ángel – angel

The sheet with the verbs includes construir and hacer. It is reasonable to use both verbs with the action of making a snowman, and you can model that as you talk to your child. Of course, you would not use the verb construir for making a snow angel like the one in the picture. This is an good opportunity to help children understand the meaning of construir by using the verb with other examples like casa, castillo, robot, coche, cohete.

After you do the activity sheets, be sure to continue to use the vocabulary with your child:
– Hang the sheets on the refrigerator where you can see them and talk about them. Point to the pictures as you say the words.

– When kids are getting dressed, point to the different clothes and say the words.

– In picture books, point at the illustrations and use the vocabulary. The wordless picture book The Snowman by Raymond Briggs provides many opportunities to use all of the words on the sheets.

– Make a snowman craft and play with it by making the snowman match the drawings on the worksheet. You can make a snowman with a paper plate or use a printable template (you can find lots online). Just remember to play before you glue everything together.

– There are lots of snowman coloring sheets online. You can reinforce the vocabulary by just talking about the words, or by coloring the vocabulary words a certain color or using glitter on those parts.

– Reinforce the verbs by acting out the activities in the pictures. You can take turns guessing which activity someone is doing. Add pictures to represent other verbs your child knows and draw cards for a real game of charades.

You can find more snowman and winter vocabulary activities in this post: Spanish Printables: Winter and Snowman


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