Spanish winter reading program keep kids reading over break.

Winter break is almost here. That means it is time for the Spanish Winter Reading Challenge! Ideally, children read and hear Spanish over break. Consistent exposure is important, and kids can lose ground in a few weeks. Reading, or being read to, in Spanish keeps kids engaged and learning.  Scholastic has suggestions for keeping up other academic skills over winter break. Take our Spanish Winter Reading Challenge and start the new year off reading en español!

Take the Spanish Winter Reading Challenge

  • Print a bingo-style reading card for each child. It describes places and ways to read.
  • Kids use bingo scoring to set a goal. They can read to complete a row, a column, the four corners or black out the card.
  • Kids read a book in Spanish following the instructions in one of the squares. They color or cross off the square when they finish the book.
  • Children who are reading longer books, can choose a number of minutes or pages to read for each square.

Choosing Books for the Winter Reading Challenge

Kids will need your help to find books to read in Spanish. We have put together a list of titles to get you started. Many of the books can be found in libraries or you can order them online. We will also be sharing links to online and printable books throughout the month.

Download the book list and the Spanish Winter Reading Challenge bingo card below.

Libraries often have translations of easy picture book favorites, such as titles by Eric Carle, Bill Martin Jr. and Sandra Boynton. The level of these books is appropriate for Spanish learners. Kids are familiar with the stories and that increases comprehension and confidence. Even simple stories reinforce verb forms and agreement. Spanish learners need this exposure!

Consider choosing books for early readers as read-alouds as well as for kids who are reading independently. These books have short sentences, minimal description and illustrations to support the text.  We have included several books from the Green Light Readers series and other early readers on the book list.

Of course, there are many beautiful Spanish language and bilingual picture books. You will find a few of our favorite titles on the book list. Some are well-known stories and others books are new this year. Many of the titles are available in local libraries or you can purchase them online. Most are pictures books in Spanish, although we have included a few texts that integrate Spanish and English.  You can find an online version of the book list below.

  • The language in picture books is not necessarily easy. Older children will learn from books for younger children. Help kids use the illustrations to understand the story.
  • Re-reading is excellent language practice. Reading a favorite book over and over for the Spanish Winter Reading Challenge is fine!
  • It is sometimes hard to determine the level of a book from a description online or even flipping through it at a library. If you end up with a book that is too difficult, don’t despair! Look at the pictures with your child and tell the story in simple words.

Encourage kids to keep reading over winter break with this Spanish winter reading challenge.

Download the winter reading challenge bingo card.

Download the winter book list.

You can find our more complete list of Spanish books for kids here.

Disclosure: This online version of the book list contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, Spanish Playground receives a small commission.

Spanish and Bilingual Picture Books

Ada, Alma Flor. Celebra la Navidad y el Día de los Reyes Magos con Pablo y Carlitos

Alarcón, Francisco X. Iguanas in the Snow and Other Winter Poems/Iguanas en la nieve y otros poemas de invierno

Ayres, Katherine. Arriba, abajo y alrededor

Blackstone, Stella. Oso en casa

Brown, Monica. La manta de Maya

Brown, Monica. Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match/Marisol McDonald no combina

Cain, Janan. Así me siento yo

Fox, Mem. Quienquiera que seas

Gomi, Taro. Mis amigos

Gonzalez, Maya Christina. Call Me Tree/Llámame árbol

Guy, Ginger Foglesong. Siesta

Krebs, Laurie. ¡Nos vamos a Mexico!

London, Jonathan. Froggy se viste

Masurel, Claire. Un gato y un perro/A Dog and A Cat

Masurel, Claire. ¡No, Tito, No!

Mora, Pat. Gracias/Thanks

Roca, Nuria. El Invierno

Slobodkina, Esphyr. Caps For Sale/Se Venden Gorras

Torres, Jennifer. Finding the music/En pos de la música

Spanish and Bilingual Books for Early Readers

Bridwell, Norman. Clifford va al doctor

Capucilli, Alyssa Satin. Bizcocho encuentra un amigo

Floyd, Lucy. Rabbit and Turtle Go To School/Conejo y tortuga van a la escuela

McPhail, David. Cerdo y Cerdito/Big Pig and Little Pig

Most, Bernard. ¡A que no me alcanzas!/Catch Me If You Can!

Tuchman, Gail. Pequeño zoológico

Tuchman, Gail. Planetas

Wilhelm, Hans. No me gusta mi moño

Picture Books that Integrate Spanish and English

Ada, Alma Flor. I Love Saturdays y Domingos

Elya, Susan Middleton. Fire! Fuego! Brave Bomberos

Elya, Susan Middleton. Little Roja Riding Hood

Elya, Susan Middleton. Rubia and the Three Osos

Mora, Pat. A Piñata in a Pine Tree: A Latino Twelve Days of Christmas

Reiser, Lynn. Margaret and Margarita/Margarita y Margaret

Reiser, Lynn. My Way: A Margaret and Margarita Story = A mi manera: Un cuento de Margarita y Margaret

Tonatiuh, Duncan. Dear Primo

Vamos , Samantha R. The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred

Yuyi, Morales. Niño Wrestles the World

Photo Credit: Lars Plougmann via Compfight cc

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