Scholastic's Spanish weekly reader has readings and activities for Spanish language learners.

You are probably familiar with Scholastic’s Weekly Reader, but did you know that they publish a Spanish Weekly Reader for language learners? The language level and structure of Let’s Find Out Spanish is perfect for Spanish learners in elementary school.

The Spanish Weekly Reader, Let’s Find Out, gives teachers easy-to-use material every week, in the form of simple, engaging readings and activities. In addition, a subscription to the print edition includes complete access to Let’s Find Out Spanish Online, the digital magazine, games, and video, all with a rich audio component.

Check out the sample of Let’s Find Out Spanish Online to see the digital magazine as well as the games, videos and additional printable activities to support the content. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial or subscribe to Let’s Find Out Spanish here.

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Spanish Weekly Reader: Print Edition Features

Schlastic Spanish weekly reader has simple, repetetive text.

Let’s Find Out Spanish provides teachers with quality, easy-to-use content every week. The same features that make it work for emerging readers make the magazine ideal for Spanish learners. These are a few of the features I love:

  • Colorful photos and a close image-text correspondence support the language.
  • Simple, patterned texts teach high-frequency structures and vocabulary.
    These texts provide the repetition language learners need.
  • The readings are short, making them ideal for language learners and our class time.
  • The engaging non-fiction content is familiar and predictable. Spanish learners in the early grades understand new language based on their knowledge of the content.
  • The readings include basic science, math, and social studies concepts, making this Spanish Weekly Reader an easy, effective way to meet ACTFL World Readiness Standard 3.1 (Making Connections).
  • These non-fiction readings are at the right level for Spanish learners. Non-fiction Spanish picture books at this level are very hard to find, and the themes and language of Let’s Find Out are perfect. For example, for October 2017, the themes are pumpkins, autumn, fire fighters, and bats. For April 2018, the themes are Earth Day, planting carrots, spring changes and baby animals.
  • Let’s Find Out Spanish is an excellent value. In addition to using the print and digital magazine in class, each student takes home their copy of Let’s Find Out to read and share with family. This home connection is important to language learning success!

Simple activities in the Spanish weekly reader engage children with language.

Let’s Find Out Online: Audio, Games, Video

The Spanish Weekly Reader Let’s Find Out Online provides excellent support for the print edition.

  • Audio read alouds for every issue highlight the text as children read along.
  • There is a slow-speed option for the read-aloud.
  • Videos create comprehensible input and reinforce key structures and vocabulary.
  • Games with audio engage students with the topic and language and offer additional repetition.
  • There are additional printable activities to support the content and language.
  • See a sample of the Spanish online edition of Let’s Find Out.

A year subscription to Let’s Find Out Spanish is only $5.50 per student, and includes 32 issues, 20 BIG issues for whole class read aloud, and access to the digital content with audio. Regardless of the curriculum you are using, this is a wonderful supplement for a elementary Spanish program or for a dual language kindergarten. Take advantage of the free trial, and then please let me know what you think!

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