For years, OnlineFreeSpanish has offered an excellent set of free activities for children learning Spanish. Now they have a new, updated design that makes their content even easier to access. Activities on this Spanish website for kids are arranged by level, so learners can start with the basics and move to more complicated structures. Activities are also arranged by category, so whether you are looking for word searches, songs or syllable practice you will be able to quickly find what you need.

You can check out the new design here: OnlineFreeSpanish

Level 1
On Level 1 of this Spanish website for kids, the online games teach basic vocabulary like the parts of the body and face, animals, emotions, shapes, fruits, colors, and the numbers through 40. Most of these themes have a variety of different games and activities, including printable material so you can follow up offline.

Level 1 also has a picture dictionary, games and coloring pages to introduce children to the alphabet in Spanish. All of the online activities for every topic have native speaker audio, so that kids will hear and absorb the correct sounds of the language from the beginning. Also, all of the activities support the language with images so that children know exactly what they are hearing and saying.

Level 2
Level 2 has many additional topics so kids can expand their Spanish vocabulary. There are online Spanish games to teach words related to the family, clothes, the house, time, months of the year, weather, opposites and more. I particularly like the presentation of opposites on this Spanish website for kids because they use the words in simple, natural sentences.

In Level 2 you will also find mini-books that kids can read online or print. These books use the vocabulary from the units in the context of a story. Kids can listen and read along online, helping cement the letter sounds and correct pronunciation. Then, they can print the books and practice reading them offline too.

Level 3
Level 3 has a variety of more advanced activities, including games to practice gender, verbs and different verb phrases. There are also stories and dialogues. Again, the language is always supported by images and native speaker audio.

Regardless of level, this Spanish website for kids provides an great way for kids to practice vocabulary. The variety of activities related to each topic gives children the repetition they need to learn the language without boring them. On the contrary, they will be happy to play all the different games and they will be learning Spanish as they play.

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