Kids practice Spanish vowels and vocabulary with a printable activity and video.

With this printable activity, kids practice vocabulary and the Spanish vowels. The words on the printable are also introduced and used in the Spanish Playground Los juguetes app for iphone and ipad.

Watching the video and playing with the app, kids hear the words pronounced correctly. The video and app are a good way to prepare to do the printable activity. The video and app also teach the verb form veo which is used in the rhyme on the printable.

You can also download free vocabulary picture cards for the words used in this printable activity and in the app. You can download the picture cards and find suggested activities and cultural information in this post: Spanish Words Kids Love: Los juguetes del mercado

Spanish Vowels: Los juguetes del mercado

Download the complete-the-word activity with Spanish vowels.

For this complete-the-word activity, kids pronounce the words aloud to determine the Spanish vowels that they need to add. This makes kids aware of the sounds of the Spanish vowels. Vowel sounds are essential for correct pronunciation.

After they complete the words, kids use the words read the rhyme. The meaning of the vocabulary is reinforced by using pictures in the rhyme.

These are the words used in the printable activity. There is additional vocabulary used in the video, app and on the printable cards.

el camión – truck
el pato – duck
el dragón – dragon
el caballo – horse
el elefante – elephant
la guitarra – guitar
la trompeta – trumpet
la paleta – lollipop
el tigre – tiger

You can find a similar activity using the vocabulary from the free clothing video here: Spanish Clothing Vocabulary: Vowel Practice Printable

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