Singing is such a fun, effective way to learn language! Of course, students need to understand what they are singing to learn. That’s why it’s important to make songs comprehensible by associating pictures and gestures with new language. Today I’m sharing my favorite Spanish vocabulary songs for elementary themes.

Using Spanish Songs for Teaching

Kids learn the pronunciation and usage of new words as they sing along with Spanish vocabulary songs. Rockalingua has songs for every unit of an elementary Spanish program. You can play all of the Rockalingua Spanish songs for kids free from their website.

Rockalingua’s songs for elementary themes are not just lists of words. They use key words for a theme in context, so it is easy to transfer vocabulary to other situations.

Of course, kids need to understand what they are saying as they sing. The best way to be sure of this is to connect the language to pictures and gestures. A good video is also an option for Spanish vocabulary songs. Fortunately, Rockalingua supports their songs with illustrations, actions and videos.

Spanish vocabulary songs are a huge time saver for teachers and an excellent use of valuable class time! In addition to teaching new language, I use them to re-enter vocabulary. With a song, and a lyric sheet, students reconnect with Spanish vocabulary from previous themes in just a few minutes.

See more of our favorite Spanish songs for kids organized by theme. Also, see our list of resources with Spanish lesson plans and elementary Spanish curriculum reviews.

Spanish Vocabulary Songs with Pictures

All Rockalingua’s songs have free illustrated lyric sheets. That means the work of creating comprehensible input is done for me.  I also use the images from the lyrics sheets for activities as we work with the language in the song.

Also, Rockalingua’s Spanish vocabulary songs help students learn language for a wide range of themes. Although I can find pictures or figures for an animal theme fairly easily, finding clear visual references for a city theme, daily routines or descriptions can be trickier.

Spanish vocabulary songs for a house theme teach useful words.

Rockalingua draws their illustrations to be clear and exactly support the language in their songs. They make comprehensible input easy and fun!

Spanish Learning Songs with Video

Rockalingua also has animated music videos for their songs. The videos are super effective learning because kids see images and also sing along with the words on the screen.

Rockalingua has 37 free music videos for Spanish vocabulary songs on their website right now. These include videos for basic concepts such as colors, numbers, the days of the week, and the months of the year. They also have videos for typical elementary themes such as professions, body parts, family, city vocabulary and dozens more.

Spanish Vocabulary Songs with Actions

I work with preschool and elementary school students, so it is essential that they move! You can easily add actions to any of Rockalingua’s songs, and some of my favorites have actions built into the lyrics.

For example, Un paso a la derecha gets kids moving right, left, forwards and back. Also, Las partes de cuerpo and Me duele teach Spanish body parts vocabulary, and of course you point as you sing. In addition, the Rockalingua songs to teach routines like Buenos días and Un día de la escuela are perfect for acting out as you sing.

One of my students favorites songs to do with actions is Aficiones, Spanish vocabulary for hobbies, because they act out playing soccer and tennis, swimming, dancing, painting, playing instruments and more. Singing, moving and understanding adds up to learning.

Songs Make Teaching Easier

Teaching is hard work, but it is also incredibly satisfying. We all know that good materials make it possible to easier to have fun teaching and not be overwhelmed by preparation.

Spanish vocabulary songs for elementary themes are the perfect addition to any program. Check out Rockalingua and add more comprehensible input to your class with no extra work.

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