A photo collage to practce Spanish vocabulary for kids.

This activity uses a photo collage to help kids decipher Spanish sentences. They match sentences to the photos they describe and then use the sentences to answer the questions. I do not print the photos. I project the collage or use it off the computer if I am working with a small group. I print the sentences that they match to the photos and the questions. There is a link to the printable activity that goes with this photo collage below. There is also a link to a larger version of the collage.

I like this type of activity for several reasons:
– You can easily adapt it to different themes and levels. For example, all of the pictures can be of animals or of people traveling. The sentences can be very simple or they can use more complicated structures and vocabulary. They can be descriptions, like the ones for this collage, or they can be of what the person is saying, what happens next, or what the person just said.
– There is enough familiar vocabulary to help children correctly match the photos. The process of elimination helps, too.
– You can have kids match the photos by cutting and pasting the sentences in the squares or by writing the sentences.
– The visual support clarifies unfamiliar language.
– Answering the questions provides for repetition and allows kids to manipulate the language.
– There is enough support that kids can participate in pair work or class discussion using their answers.
– Children see images of daily life in Latin America and learn relevant vocabulary.

These are the sentences on the printable activity (out of order on the printable):
El hombre toca la guitarra.
La sandía es verde por afuera y roja por adentro.
Los jóvenes tocan los tambores.
Alguien corta un mango.
La mamá pasea los perros y la hija anda en su carrito.
El hombre trabaja en el jardín.
Dos personas caminan y llevan sombrillas.
El chico salta al agua.
La mujer vende comida.

These are the questions for each photo, based on the sentences above:
¿Qué instrumento toca el hombre?
¿Qué fruta hay en la foto?
¿Qué hacen los jóvenes?
¿Qué fruta hay en la foto?
¿Qué hace la mamá? ¿Qué hace la hija?
¿Dónde trabaja el hombre?
¿Qué llevan las personas?
¿Qué hace el chico?
¿Qué vende la mujer?

Follow-up activities
Once kids have matched the sentences and answered the questions, they are very familiar with the photos. At that point, if you like you can do other activities to repeat or expand on the vocabulary. For example, we do a search game where I ask ¿En qué foto ves…? and kids respond with the number. Here are two sets of items that kids can search for. The second is more difficult because a few of the items are details and some of the vocabulary is not in the sentences.

¿En qué foto ves…?
dos sombrillas
cinco chicos
un plato con mango
mucha agua
unas sandías
una niña y su mamá
una guitarra
un hombre trabajando
unos tomates y otra comida

¿En qué foto ves…?
el sol
un cuchillo
una camiseta con una palabra en inglés
un instrumento de cuerda
tres perros
unas sandalias
un reloj
una sombrilla roja
una fruta de color verde oscuro, verde claro y rojo

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