Five Spanish vocabulary activities that can be adpated for learners of different levels.

Here are this week’s Friday Five. They are five easy Spanish activities to do with kids learning Spanish. Talk about the Spanish vocabulary as you do the activity. You can adapt the activities for learners of different levels by using the words in simple sentences or sentences that are more complex.

1. Print these association cards and match the related Spanish vocabulary items. You can say El ratón va con el queso. La gallina va con los huevos. Kids with more Spanish can make a sentence that expresses the relationship between the cards: El ratón come el queso. La gallina pone huevos.

2. Listen to this alphabet song and watch the video. The songs associates each letter with its sound and then with a Spanish vocabulary word and picture. It is to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell and the lyrics go like this: La A suena A, la A suena A, avión, avión, la A suena A. La B suena B, la B suena B, bandera, bandera, La B suena B…etc.

3. Play Keys to the Treasure. It is an online game to practice common Spanish vocabulary from Singalingo.

4. Read the online interactive story ¿Dónde está Emily?  The story is very easy to follow.  Clifford is looking for Emily, but he finds lots of things before he finds her. Each page has three sentences: an introductory sentence, a sentence with the verb encontrar (to find), and the question Pero¿dónde está Emily? (But where is Emily?).

5. Take a nature walk in Spanish. Use the printable check sheet to check off things you hear, see or feel. This is a good way to practice common Spanish vocabulary for the natural world.

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