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I did not grow up doing arts and crafts and am not a crafty person. I think these projects can be excellent language activities, but English and Spanish vocabulary for crafts is something that I have had to learn as an adult. I make art part of many of my classes, so over the years I have mastered the vocabulary, at least at a preschool and elementary school level.

I include the activities because projects related to thematic units reinforce vocabulary and concepts, and hands-on learning keeps kids engaged. Also, sending projects home with suggestions for how parents can interact with their kids is an excellent way to have kids practice the language. I have to admit that even though cutting, gluing and drawing do not come naturally to me, I have fun doing the activities. I always make a model for the kids, and I think I am usually as proud of my product as they are of theirs.

You will need some basic Spanish vocabulary for craft materials in order to do activities with kids. The words for these materials vary from country to country, but below you will find Spanish vocabulary options for basic craft materials. Of course, you will shorten some of this vocabulary as you talk to kids. For example, ojitos moviles will probably just be ojitos, but I included the whole term in the list. These are materials I have used for different projects in my classes.

Spanish Vocabulary for Craft Materials

balloon – el globo
bead – la cuenta /el abalorio
bottle – la botella
bottle cap – la tapa de botella
bow – el lazo
box – la caja
button – el botón
can – la lata
cardboard – el cartón
clay/play dough – la plastilina
clothes pin – la pinza (de ropa, para colgar ropa) / el palito de ropa
construction paper – el cartoncillo/ el papel para manualidades / el papel de construcción / la cartulina
container – el recipiente, el contenedor
craft gems, plastic gems – las gemas de manualidades / las gemas decorativas de plástico
crayons – las crayolas
double-sided tape – la cinta de doble cara
duct tape – la cinta gris / la cinta plateada
egg carton – el cartón de huevos
fastener, metal brad – el sujetador de papel
feathers – las plumas
felt – el fieltro
eva foam/Foami – la goma eva/Foami
food coloring – el colorante para alimientos
glitter – la brillantina
glitter glue – el pegamento de brillantina
glue – el pegamento, la cola
googly eyes – los ojitos moviles
hole punch – la perforadora
hot glue gun – la pistola de cola / la pistola de encolar
jar – el frasco
lid – la tapa
lace – el encaje
magnet – el imán
marker – el marcador
paint brush (smaller) – el pincel
paint brush (bigger) – la brocha
paper plate – el plato de papel, el plato desechable
paper tube – el tubo de papel
pencil – el lápiz
permanent marker – el marcador permanente
pipe cleaner – el limpiapipas
play dough – la pastilina
pompon – el pompón
popsicle/craft sticks – los palitos de paleta/ los palitos
poster board – la cartulina
ribbon – la cinta de color
rubber band – la liga, la banda elástica
ruler – la regla
scissors – las tijeras
sponge – la esponja
sticker – la pegatina, la calcomanía
straw – el popote – Mexico  (el sorbete, la pajita – There are many words for straw in Spanish)
tape – la cinta
tempera paint – la témpera
tissue paper – el papel de seda
toilet paper tube – el tubo de papel higiénico
vegetable oil – el aceite vegetal
water color – la acuarela
yarn – el hilo

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