Andaluna and Samir are characters in animated Spanish videos for kids produced by the government of Andalucía to teach children about their rights, tolerance and diversity. The music videos, called microespacios, are based on the TV series Andaluna y Samir and use catchy songs to share their message. The videos, songs and lyrics are distributed free by the government of Andalucía and the European Union.

For convenience, I refer to the videos in this post, but the songs certainly can be used without the videos. The songs and lyrics are available as free downloads from the Andaluna website. Under Juegos y Descargas click Descargas Multimedias and you will find tabs for Audios y Letras and for Videos. You can download the audio as an mp3 and the lyrics as a PDF. The video requires that you install the software for DIVX (a free download). You can also watch the videos on YouTube if you prefer.

These Spanish videos work well with children learning the language because they deal with the main concept by simplifying it and applying it to everyday situations. For example, the following video is about gender equality, but it focuses on all children helping with household tasks and being able to play with the toys they like. The lyrics are on the screen, and much of the vocabulary will be familiar to Spanish language learners.

This Spanish video is about the different types of families. Again, the vocabulary is will be familiar to children learning Spanish.

There are 13 different microespacios, or Spanish videos for kids featuring Andaluna and Samir.  They deal with different topics including health, the environment, adoption and the use of technology. Some of the episodes are mislabeled on YouTube, so you may have to search a little to find the topic you are looking for. You can also watch the videos on the Andaluna website and download the ones you might want to use.

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