Spanish Video Series: Buena Gente

Buena Gente is a Spanish video series for language learners.

Buena Gente is a Spanish video series for language learners.
The series features:

  • An entertaining story told in 6 short episodes
  • Slow, clear Spanish.
  • Everyday language in a natural context.
  • Strong visual support for the language.
  • Built-in repetition of key vocabulary and structures.
  • An additional video to reinforce vocabulary in the series.
  • A music video of the Buena Gente theme song with lyrics.

Season 1

Sofía and Mateo move into a new apartment. There they find a box left by the previous tenant. They realize the contents are very important! Can they find the owner and return the valuables in the box?

Spanish Video Series Printable Learning Activities

Free Activities for Buena Gente

We have several free activities for the Spanish Video Series Buena Gente.

Find a free matching activity for the six episodes in Season 1 and a free timeline activity for Season 1 here: Spanish YouTube Series Buena Gente.

More Listening Activities for Buena Gente

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Activities for the first season of the Spanish video series Buena gente.

Listening activities for the theme song for Buena Gente.

The Music and Video of Buena Gente

Mariana Iranzi

Mariana Iranzi wrote and sings Buena gente, the original theme song for the series. Learn more about Mariana on her website and check out the Mariana Iranzi YouTube channel.


Rockalingua makes the music you hear in episodes of Season 1. The Spanish learning songs by Rockalingua connect directly to the language in Buena Gente. Check out all their music, videos, games and printables on the Rockalingua website.

Fábrica Visual

Buena Gente is filmed and edited by Fábrica Visual, of Guanajuato, Mexico. They offer a full range of audio and visual production services. Check them out on the web at Fábrica Visual.

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