Use these Spanish video lessons for remote learning and online classes.

With schools closed across the country, teachers are doing their best to move instruction online. Spanish video lessons are one option. Below you’ll find a variety of free video-based activities to use with Spanish learners. All of the videos are free on YouTube.

We want students to engage with language as positively as possible during this difficult time.  In addition to these Spanish video lessons, there are many additional materials on Spanish Playground, and the vast majority are free. Explore the site to find other activities for your classes. 

Spanish Video Lessons

Easy Conversation Spanish Video Lessons

Spanish video lessons with common vocabulary and comprehensible input.

These short video conversations use vocabulary related to different themes. There are 24 videos in the YouTube Spanish Conversations playlist.

We have created comprehension activities for 9 of the videos, and we’ll have more coming soon. These are PDFs you can print to send home or share electronically as Spanish video lessons.

Prices in Spanish Listening Activities

El café – Spanish Video Conversation and Listening Activities

Learn Spanish Health Listening Activities

School Supplies Listening Activities

Clothes Listening Activities

Setting the Table Listening Activities

Thank You in Spanish Listening Comprehension

Time Listening Activities

Day of the Dead Listening Activities

Free Activities for Buena Gente 

An image showing the characters of the series Buena Gente Season 3 to use for Spanish video lessons.

Buena Gente is a Spanish video series for language learners. It is available on YouTube and also streams on Amazon Prime.

The series features:

  • 4 stand-alone seasons you view in any order. 
  • An entertaining story told in short episodes.
  • Slow, clear Spanish.
  • Everyday language in a natural context.
  • Strong visual support for the language.
  • Built-in repetition of key vocabulary and structures.
  • Additional videos to reinforce vocabulary in each season.
  • A music video of the Buena Gente theme song with lyrics.

Find a free matching activity for the six episodes in Season 1 and a free timeline activity for Season 1 here: Spanish YouTube Series Buena Gente.

Get free comprehension questions for all 5 episodes of Buena gente Season 3: Spanish Series Buena Gente Season 3

Get free comprehension questions for all 5 episodes of Buena gente Season 4: Learn Spanish Series Buena Gente Season 4

We have additional comprehension materials for Seasons 1 and 2.

Spanish Video Lessons Story Activities

Our story videos target a limited number of structures and build in repetition with questions. Gestures, expression and props aid comprehension for Spanish video lessons.

Playlist of narrations in the present.

Playlist of narrations in the past.

We have begun to create comprehension activities for these videos. There are two free sets available now with more on the way.

Download a printable version of the activities for the present tense Spanish story El niño triste.

Download a printable version of the activities for the present tense version of El caballo y la manzana.

Spanish Video Lessons with Habla

Kids learn Spanish as Jorge describes Mother's Day.

These YouTuber style videos are geared to an elementary audience. There are 24 videos in the playlist of Habla videos. 

The videos are a super fun, engaging way to expose learners to more Spanish. The speakers use high-frequency language and lots of visuals. Also, the videos are short and focus on one theme.

These nine videos have listening comprehension questions and transcripts to use for Spanish video lessons.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Listening comprehension questions for the Mother’s Day video

Transcript of the Mother’s Day video

Body Parts

Spanish body parts video

Body parts listening comprehension questions 

Body parts video transcript

Las cajas

Las cajas video 

Listening comprehension questions for the video Las cajas 

Video transcript for Las cajas.

Los limones

Los limones video

Video transcript for Los limones

Picture cards and word cards

Listening comprehension questions

Los calcetines

Los calcetines video 

Video transcript for Los calcetines

Listening comprehension questions for los calcetines

Algunas cosas sobre mí

All About Me video 

Video transcript for Algunas cosas sobre mí.

Listening comprehension questions for Algunas cosas sobre mí.

Los marcadores

Los marcadores video

Video transcript for Los marcadores

Listening comprehension questions for Los marcadores

Las pelotas de ping pong

Las pelotas de ping pong video

Transcript for Las pelotas de ping pong.

Listening comprehension questions

Los lentes de sol

Los lentes de sol video

Video transcript for Los lentes de sol

Listening comprehension questions

Spanish Words for Kids Videos with Picture Cards

Children learn Spanish words for fruit with this video.

The Spanish Words videos use short patterned sentences, repetition and beautiful images of Mexico to teach important verbs and high-frequency vocabulary. These videos for novice learners are a perfect way to learn first words in Spanish.

Each of the videos has a question-answer segment in the second half to encourage students to produce the language.

The YouTube Spanish Words playlist has 6 videos.  We have printable picture cards for all the videos that students can color, use to play games and practice vocabulary.

We also have culture and language notes and activity suggestions for each video. I’ve linked to each of the resources below.

Means of Transportation

See cars, trucks motorcycles and other means of transportation in a colorful video from Guanajuato, Mexico. The video targets the verb ser, specifically the verb form es, as well as lots of words for transportation. Find the video and support materials here: Spanish Words Transportation Video


This video uses the verb hay and beautiful images of a Mexican market to teach Spanish words for vegetables. Together with the printable cards, it’s an excellent learning tool: Vegetables in Spanish: Video and Picture Cards.


La ropa introduces kids to common words for clothes in Spanish and to the verb llevar. In addition to printable picture cards, there is a complete-the-vowel printable page using the vocabulary. Again, you can find the video and printables here: La ropa: Spanish Words Kids Love Video


Tener is one of the “super seven verbs.” In other words, it is one of a set of verbs we use in a high percentage of interactions. So, this video targets the verb form tiene and supports the language with colorful images of Mexico. Find the video and support materials here: ¿Qué tiene?: Spanish Words Kids Love Video

The Market

See the animal figures, sweets and traditional toys of a Mexican market in the beautiful video. In addition, the video targets the verb form veo with a rhyming voice over narration.

Find the video, picture cards and a flip book here: Los juguetes del mercado: Spanish Words Kids Love.


Take a peek into a Mexican market to learn Spanish words for fruit and colors. The video repeats the verb hay and has lots of cultural content too. Find the video, printable picture cards, a flip book and lots of activity suggestions here: Las Frutas: Spanish Words Kids Love.

It’s a difficult time for teachers, students and families. We hope our videos and the materials that accompany them are helpful. If you questions or need support for the videos, please reach out to us!

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