Spanish Valentines

My classes start the first week of February, so I am in Manzanillo, Mexico for a couple of weeks. It is pretty quiet on Spanish Playground right now, but I am working on new Valentine cards and printable treat boxes that I’ll share as soon as they are done. I think my students are going to love the boxes! Until then, here are a few Spanish Valentine games and cards to use with kids learning the language.

Valentine’s day is Día del amor y la amistad (Day of love and friendship), Día de San Valentín or Día de los enamorados in Spanish. Many Spanish-speaking countries celebrate on Feb. 14th, although in Colombia they celebrate on the third Saturday of September. Some countries also celebrate El día del amigo in June or July. Spanish Valentines are an excellent way to share language and culture with children.

Printable Spanish Valentines

Correo Mágico also has printable Spanish Valentines. Kids can use the sample text or put in their own messages. Here is another cute card from Correo Mágico and they also have printable Spanish Valentine bookmarks.

I made these super simple Spanish Valentines to tie to treat bags.

Spanish Valentines Games and Activities
I made two different Valentine games for my classes last year. This game matches questions to answers, so it is great practice for pronouns and verbs. You can play Memory or just match the cards. For an easier version of the game, just match the answers (Te ayudo, Te llamo, Te amo). You can print the game in color or in black and white so kids can color the cards.

Kids make silly rhymes with this Spanish Valentine game that I made for my students last year.

Spanish Valentine Songs
Music is always fun with Spanish learners. My favorite song for my preschoolers to celebrate Valentine’s Day is Te quiero by Spanish Together. Older kids might like a song called Amigos by Enanitos Verdes.

Candy Hearts in Spanish
Several companies make the traditional sweetheart candies, or conversation hearts, with sayings in Spanish. These are some of the most common sayings:

mi amor – my love
beso – kiss
vamos – Let’s go
bella – beautiful
amiga/amigo – friend
dulce – sweet
Te amo. – I love you
hola – hi
mi vida – a term of endearment similar to my darling(literally my life)
Llámeme. – Call me.
guapo – handsome
de nada – You’re welcome
paz – peace


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