Printable poster of Spanish Valentine words and activities for using them with kids.

I am so appreciative of how technology and printers make it possible to present kids with language in different ways.  A simple poster of Spanish Valentine words can be used for a variety of games and activities to engage children with text.  The image can be projected for a group or kids can work with their own copy.

There are two versions of this printable poster of Spanish Valentine words. One has a red background and the other has a white background.

Printable Spanish Valentine Poster – Red

Printable Spanish Valentine Poster – White

Try asking your language learners to do tasks like these with the Spanish Valentine words.

Activities with Spanish Valentine Words

– Ask questions like these:

Encuentra 7 palabras de dos sílabas. (amor, besos, día, dulce, amo, quiero, flores)

Encuentra 12 palabras de tres sílabas. (amistad, corazón, amigos, abrazos, poemas, tarjetas, Valentín, cariño, febrero, adoro, catorce – 14, cupido)

Encuentra tres oraciones completas. (Te amo. Te adoro. Te quiero.)

Encuentra la palabra que se describe:

  1. Órgano del cuerpo y símbolo de amor
  2. Parte de una planta y regalo tradicional para el Día de San Valentín
  3. Un texto en verso o prosa, a veces con rima.
  4. Son para enviar o dar a otras personas.  Son de cartón o papel grueso con dibujos y palabras.
  5. Adjetivo que describe algo con azucar y también a una persona simpática.
  6. Acción de estrechar entre los brazos como muestra de cariño.

– To practice letters, choose a word and name the letters one by one, out of order. After each letter, kids guess which word you have chosen. Then they choose a word for you to guess.

– Play charades with the words on the poster.

– Cut the poster apart and make a puzzle using a jigsaw template or straight lines.

– Let kids cut the poster apart and use the words on cards or in collages.

Of course, just printing and displaying text give you the opportunity to talk about the language. With Spanish Valentine words like besos and abrazos, you can also get in some extra hugs and kisses as you play!

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