Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with kids. It focuses on love and friendship, and cards and gifts for children are traditionally small and relatively simple. In addition, the Spanish Valentines have a built-in language component for children as they read or write the cards.

If you have Spanish learners giving candy, cookies or other small treats for Valentine’s Day, making these printable boxes is a good language activity. The Spanish phrases use common vocabulary and they are supported by the drawings. As kids cut out, color and fold the box, talk about the drawing using the words in the sentence. You can download the printable at the bottom of this post.

The boxes have these Spanish sentences:
Te regalo mi corazón.
Te amo de aquí a la luna.
Eres el sol que ilumina mis días.

All of the sentences have structures that you can easily vary to help kids make their own sentences for cards. They also have fun making silly sentences. Kids replace the blanks in the sentences below with familiar vocabulary. You can give them suggestions to help them get started or a list of words to choose from to make new sentences.

Te regalo mi corazón.
Te regalo mi _________.
Suggestions: mi voz, mis días, mis sueños, mi casa, mis dibujos, mi sonrisa, mi risa, etc.

There are lots of popular songs in Spanish that use this structure. You might want to share the song Te regalo by Shakira or Si tú quieres by Elefante.
Te amo de aquí a la luna.
Te amo de aquí a _________.
Suggestions: al sol, a las estrellas, al cielo, al fondo del mar, al infinito, any of the planets, any distant place

Eres el sol que ilumina mis días.
Eres el/la ____________ que ________________
The suggestions can be figurative like the example or more concrete:
el aire que respiro, la canción que me hace bailar, el amigo/la amiga que me ayuda, la sonrisa que quiero ver

Printable Spanish Valentine Treat Boxes

Te regalo mi corazón – BW
Te regalo mi corazón – Color
Te amo de aquí a la luna – BW
Te amo de aquí a la luna – Color
Eres el sol que ilumina mis días – BW

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