Spanish Valentine Reading and Speaking Activities

This is a reading and speaking activity for beginning Spanish learners. It uses hearts, so it is appropriate for Valentine’s Day, although the activity focuses on parts of the face and other common words.

The first activity involves reading simple sentences and matching them to the correct heart. The sentences give kids the vocabulary they need to describe the hearts in the second activity. They can use the same language to talk about the heart in the first column and then look for the same features in the second column. To do the matching activity, they draw lines between the two hearts that are the same. Kids can also write key words on the lines or beside the hearts.

This is the common vocabulary kids will use as they do the activities.

Parts of the body
el corazón – heart
la boca – mouth
la lengua – tongue
el pelo – hair
la nariz – nose
los dientes – teeth
los ojos – eyes

abierta – open
cerrada – closed
mucho – a lot
larga – long
pequeña – small
triste – sad

lleva – wears
tiene – has
sonrie – smiles
miran – look
está – is

Additional vocabulary
sombrero – hat
abajo – down
arriba – up

Links to Spanish Valentine Reading and Speaking Activities

Encuentra el corazón – Reading
Empareja los corazones – Speaking

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