Spanish Valentine games and crafts help children learn language with hands-on fun.

Many Valentine’s Day activities incorporate language and can be adapted to Spanish learning. Try these hands-on Spanish Valentine games and crafts to teach language as you celebrate friends, family and love.

Heart Chain with Valentine Phrases

Make a chain by linking strips of paper shaped into hearts. Before you start, write Spanish Valentine phrases on the strips of paper. You can see a cute example of a heart chain without words here. Try short phrases like these you might find on conversation hearts:
Te adoro.
Te extraño.
mi amor
un beso
Te amo.
mi vida
¿Qué tal?
buen día
tú y yo
todo mío
solo tú
Te quiero.

Heart Person to Practice Body Parts

A red plastic cup makes the perfect body for a Valentine heart person. Make accordion fold arms and legs and add hearts for eyes, hands and feet. Talk about the body parts as you assemble a cheery Valentine friend. See a photo of this easy craft here.

Spanish Valentine Games – Bingo

Kids love Spanish Valentine games like bingo or lotería. You can use free printable picture-based Valentine games and describe the pictures in Spanish. This game from Pre-k Pages works well. This one from Crazy Little Projects only has a few words and also works well with Spanish learners.

Spanish Valentine Games – Musical Hearts

Spanish Valentine games that get kids up and moving are always a hit. Kids love to be active and the movement helps them learn language.

Try a musical hearts game like this one, made with big foam hearts. Kids move from heart to heart. When the music stops, they flip the heart over and do the action written in the other side. Actions for Spanish learners could be things like:
Cantar Los pollitos (or another song you are sure they know).
Decir las cinco vocales
Decir el abecedario
Abrazar a alguien
Saltar en un pie 10 veces
Correr en tu lugar por 10 segundos
Decir una oración con “hay”
Contar a 20

Spanish Valentine Games – Categories

Spanish Valentine games that practice vocabulary in categories are fun. The Valentine tie-in is that kids say something that they “love” in that category. For example, “Me encantan las fresas.” A printable die with pictures is perfect for language learners, or you can make category cards and place them face down. Use categories such as los lugares, los animales, la comida, las personas, los juguetes, los colores.

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