A Spanish Valentine game for kids where they complete a rhyme.

This is a Spanish Valentine game based on completing a two line rhyme with a silly word. I do it with picture cards, to be sure that students know what the rhymes means when they complete it. A link to the PDF of the cards is at the end of this post.

There are three short rhymes to complete in different ways, but you can use just one or two.
These are the rhymes:

Porque eres mi corazón, te regalo… (un sillón, un casón, un cucharón, etc.)

Porque eres mi vida, te regalo…(mi comida, una gata dormida, una bebida, etc.)

Porque eres mi amor, te regalo…(un tambor, un coliflor, un pintor, etc. )

You can play this game lots of ways. One of the easiest ways to play is to give each child a card. They exchange with someone and each of them says the rhyme as they give the other the card. You can write the first part of the rhymes on the board. They think it is very funny to give someone a cow or a big book as a Valentine’s gift!

You can also have kids draw a card and give it to someone and then read the rhyme as a class. Or you can be the one giving the cards as if they were a Valentine’s gift and the class can help you complete the rhyme.

I have used this as a sorting activity with small groups. I print the rhymes (there are sheets in the PDF with the rhyme) and the cards and they work together to sort the words.

I am sure that you can think of other ways to use these simple, silly rhymes to celebrate El Día de San Valentín!

Link to PDF for Spanish Valentine Game

Spanish Valentine Game – Silly Rhymes

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