Spanish Valentine books teach children family vocabulary and expressions of affection as they celebrate the holiday.

On Valentine’s Day, we take time to tell our friends and family how much they mean to us. It is a holiday made for language learning! Reading Spanish Valentine books broadens vocabulary and provides a larger context for learning to express love and affection.

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Spanish Valentine books usually have words related to family, friends and emotions. Many are comparisons with the natural world and have structures kids can use in their own Valentines. Any story that focuses on expressing love and affection could be included in a list of Spanish Valentine books. These are some of my favorites.

Spanish Valentine Books for Kids

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Mi Amor Por Ti / My Love for You by Susan L. Roth

Spanish Valentine books teach language to children.

This beautiful board book is full of animals, numbers and common adjectives. The pattern is wonderful for Spanish learners: Mi amor por ti es más grande que 1 oso, más alto que 2 jirafas, etc. Read the story and then have kids make Valentines using the same sentence structure and and illustrating it.  The book is available on Amazon.

Te Quiero Más by Laura Duksta

Kids learn family vocabulary from Spanish Valentine books.

This is the beautiful Spanish version of I Love You More. It is a book of comparisons and a wonderful choice for children learning Spanish. The sentences follow a pattern: Te quiero más allá del esplendor que una flor jamás mostró. Te quiero más allá de la fuerza con la que el viento jamás sopló. The story works for beginners because the comparisons are with familiar vocabulary like flor, árbol, camino, viento, etc. It is also a good choice for kids in upper elementary as a pattern for making their own Valentines. You can find the book on Amazon: Te quiero más

How Do I Love You? / ¿Cómo te quiero? by Marion Dane Bauer

A Spanish book for Valentine's day with comparions to the natural world.

This is another book of comparisons. The comparisons work well with Spanish learners because they use related words (sol-día, abeja-flor, etc). All the sentences follow the same structure: Te quiero como el sol quiere un día azul radiante. This is another book that can serve as a model for sentences kids can put on their own Valentine cards. How Do I Love You? / ¿Cómo te quiero? is available on Amazon.

El cuento de Oso Cariñoso y la tarjeta del Día de San Valentín  by TC LiFonti and Charles Tillman

This Spanish story for Valentine's Day teaches kids to express their emotions.

This is the Spanish version of The Story of Lovie Bear and the Valentine’s Day Card. This is a story specifically about Valentine’s Day as opposed to most of the others on this list.

Oso Cariñoso works very hard to make a special card, but when the moment comes to share his feelings, he is afraid. The story is told in clear, direct Spanish and is excellent for Spanish learners. In addition, the book is published by Corner 33 Bear Books, Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation, and 60% of all earnings are donated to charitable efforts the Chicago area.  You can purchase the book on Amazon: El cuento de Oso Cariñoso y la tarjeta del Día de San Valentín.

Te quiero tal como eres by Tammi Salzano

Spanish Valentine books teach emotion vocabulary.

This is the Spanish edition of I Love You Just The Way You Are. It follows a little boy from the time he wakes up until bedtime, with his mother telling him throughout the day how much she loves him. There is a wider range of vocabulary in this book than in some of the others, but much of it is based around familiar activities such as painting, playing in the park, reading and doing puzzles, playing dress up, bath time, etc. The book is available on Amazon: Te quiero tal como eres.

Adivina cuanto te quiero by Sam McBratney

Kids learn grammar and vocabulary from these Spanish Valentine books.

This is the Spanish version of the classic story Guess How Much I Love You. The little bunny, Caramelo, tells his father how much loves him and his father always responds that he loves him a little more. The illustrations show Caramelo acting out what he is saying and will help Spanish learners understand the text. They will have fun acting it out too! Adivina cuanto te quiero is available on Amazon.

¡Cucú! ¡Te quiero! by Graciela Castellanos

This Spanish Valentine story teaches family members and the verb estar.

This darling little book is perfect Valentine’s Day and for teaching ¿Dónde está? and family members to preschoolers. Playing peek-a-boo Baby finds the whole family, one by one. When each says ¡Cucú! ¡te quiero!, the baby responds Y yo también te quiero mucho (Papá, mamá, hermano, hermana, abuelita, etc). There is lots of love and lots of learning in this little book. You can get it from the publisher Languages4Kidz or from Amazon.

Besos for Baby by Jen Arena

One of several Spanish Valentine books to teach common nouns to preschoolers.

This board book teaches common nouns in Spanish by using them in an English sentence (about kisses!) and then saying Besos (Spanish noun) besos, for example: Besos, Mami, besos or Besos, Sol, besos. The English sentences are fun, the illustrations darling, and the rhythm will have kids chiming in right away. It is a good choice for the littlest Spanish learners, especially if the adults reading don’t speak much Spanish. It is available from Amazon: Besos for Baby

Juanito Counts To Ten / Johnny cuenta hasta diez by Lee Merrill Byrd

A bilingual counting book for Valentine's Day.

This bilingual counting book is full of love. In addition to numbers, it has lots of family vocabulary. Kids have a wonderful time counting the heartshaped kisses that Juanito gives! Some of the language is colloquial, but the illustrations are fun and support the text well. If you are looking for Spanish Valentine books for preschoolers, it is a good choice. The book is available on Amazon.

Día de San Valentín / Valentine’s Day by Rebecca Pettiford.

Spanish Valentine books teach children vocabulary related to the holiday.

This nonfiction book for beginning readers is part of the Bullfrog Books Holidays series. The big, sharp photos are excellent support for the simple text and good material for speaking Spanish with kids. You can find Día de San Valentín / Valentine’s Day on Amazon.

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