With these Spanish trivia questions kids practice language skills in a fun quiz activity.

Asking and answering Spanish trivia questions was one of my kids’ favorite games when they were young. My students love it too, and it’s an excellent way to practice reading, listening and speaking. You can download a set of 80 printable cards with Spanish trivia quiz questions below.

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The Spanish trivia printable cards have short, unrelated questions like a trivia quiz, but in fact, they require kids to draw on general information they know to understand Spanish. It is actually more of a Spanish general knowledge quiz; the information is not really trivia.

Although some words in the questions will be new, kids use what they know as context to understand and answer. You will want to read through the cards and choose ones with information your children know. Of course, it is fine to ask the easy questions to older kids, because they are still getting lots of language practice.

More another fun game, check out the Spanish vocabulary game Name Three Things. It’s a category game, and a great way to review vocabulary.

How to Use Spanish Trivia Questions

The cards are good for Jeopardy questions in Spanish class, to use with board games or on family car trips. Leaving a set on the kitchen table will lead to lots of language practice – kids  love to quiz parents and each other!

These questions are intended to be read aloud as a Spanish trivia quiz activity. If kids are asking each other, it’s a good idea to tell them to read the card through once silently before they read it aloud.

I suggest starting with easy questions to let kids get used to the wording. Also, make the game cooperative. Encourage kids to work together to figure out the answer.

If someone does not understand what they hear, you can also show them the written question. Often seeing sentence structure and cognates will help children make connections.

It might seem that random Spanish trivia questions don’t provide much learning, but with these questions, kids practice

  • identifying words they know in different contexts
  • recognizing word families
  • recognizing cognates
  • deriving meaning from context
  • making inferences
  • global listening or reading skills. In other words, they practice listening or reading for the main idea, rather than trying to understand every word.

So, Spanish trivia questions are fun and engaging, and also great language practice! If you are looking for more Spanish activities to do with kids this summer, sign up for Summer Spanish Read and Play. It’s free, online, and designed to keep language learners engaged with Spanish.

Cards with Spanish Trivia Questions

Purchase the set of 80 Spanish Trivia Quiz Questions here

Use these printable cards with Spanish trivia questions in class or at home.

Note, the cards are not in any order. Some of the easiest questions are at the end of the PDF. There are also blank cards so you can write your own questions. Family or class trivia makes the game even more fun!

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