A list of top Spanish TpT stores with free activities from the teachers.

Teaching Spanish is rewarding, but it also takes a steady investment of time and energy. I hope this list of Spanish TpT stores from top teachers will make your life easier. All these teachers have shared free printables, so try the activities with your students or children at home.

We all understand the enormous amount of quality input kids need to learn Spanish. We also know it takes time, more than we have, to create and find enough material. The answer? Collaboration! Collaboration is the genius behind Teachers Pay Teachers, a platform that allows teachers to buy and sell their lessons and materials. These Spanish TpT stores have a wide range of resources for different levels.

I make many of my own materials, but I also use Spanish TpT stores on a regular basis.  Although I love creating activities, it doesn’t make sense to spend hours making something that already exists and is available for a few dollars. Of course, we all have limited funds and have to decide to how much we can invest in materials, but I try to keep in mind that my time is valuable too.

Spanish TpT stores are an excellent resource for parents raising bilingual kids, as well as for teachers. Many families contact me about how to structure Spanish learning and where to find materials. If you are a parent supporting a school program or teaching your children at home, Spanish TpT stores have activities to make it easier and more fun.

There are dozens of Spanish TpT stores with materials for every grade and topic. You can find fabulous material, but it does take time to sort through the stores. Below you will find some of my favorite Spanish TpT stores from experienced teachers. I’ve also included sellers recommended by friends. I asked them all to describe their stores, and each of these teachers has also shared a free activity.

These teachers also write about their experiences and ideas on blogs and across social media. In addition to activities and strategies, you will find inspiration and support to make teaching more fun and rewarding. So, be sure to check out their blogs and look for them on your favorite social media platforms as well as visiting their Spanish TpT stores.

Favorite Spanish TpT Stores

Fun for Spanish Teachers

The Fun for Spanish Teachers TpT store has a wonderful selection of materials. Fun for Spanish Teachers says: You will find resources for teaching Spanish at the elementary and middle school levels. These resources could be used to support any existing curriculum or to help you create your own.

I love this store because the teacher also is a talented musician, and many of her materials have songs for Spanish learners. I have purchased several of her lessons and love them, and Fun for Spanish Teachers was also a sponsor of our Spanish summer reading program. The Fun for Spanish Teachers blog is also a wonderful source of teaching ideas.

Download the Fun for Spanish Teachers Día de San Valentín activity.

Spanish TpT stores offer a wide variety of acivities to teachers.


The MommyMaestra TpT store has an wide selection of materials with wonderful content.

The amazing teacher, author and creator behind Mommy Maestra explains: MommyMaestra is a website for Latino and bilingual families who homeschool or have children in a traditional school setting but want to be more involved in their education. The majority of the printables that I create focus on teaching children about Hispanic culture and the contributions of Hispanics to world history. However, I do create educational materials to accompany books or specific subjects, such as this free sample of my activity pages to go with the first three books of “La Casa del Árbol” (“The Magic Tree House”) series.

Download MommyMaestra’s activity pages for the first three books of “La Casa del Árbol” (“The Magic Tree House”) series (“The Magic Tree House”) series.

Spanish TpT stores have activities for bilingual families.

Carolina DuFault

The Carolina DuFault TpT store is another excellent resource. Be sure to check out the blog La Clase de Sra DuFault too.

Carolina DuFault to describes her store: My store has mostly Spanish resources for K-4 grades. I use my teaching skills to add academic content to my products. I use the target language, Spanish, as a vehicle. Many of my products are hands-on, fun to do, ready-to-use, NO prep and NO expensive print ink.

Download a Librito de San Valentín by Carolina DuFault.

Teachers and parents can find activities at a range of levels in Spanish TpT stores.

Kid World Citizen

The Kid World Citizen TpT store is associated with the fabulous website Kid World Citizen. If you are not familiar with this site and store, you are going to love them!

Becky Morales, the teacher-author behind Kid World Citizen explains: With my multicultural lessons, I aim to teach kids about the world! Learning Spanish is so important to succeed in our interconnected world, and I focus on increasing vocabulary and oral communication. Using games, role plays, conversation task cards, mini-books, and authentic cultural lessons, I hope to get kids excited to learn Spanish and Latin American and Spanish cultures.

Download a mini-book for learning to tell time in Spanish by Kid World Citizen.

The resources in Spanish TpT stores include mini-books like this one from Kid World Citizen.

Mundo de Pepita

The TpT store from Mundo de Pepita is another of my favorite Spanish TpT stores. I have used her darling mini-books with several of my classes, and Mundo de Pepita was also a sponsor of our Spanish summer reading program.

The teacher who creates these wonderful materials describes her store this way: Mundo de Pepita features a series of printable resources for teaching Spanish to children PreK-5th Grade, including mini-books, activity packs, games, and more. All of our resources are contextualized for maximum language acquisition, integrating high frequency vocabulary in each storyline and activity, and meet ACTFL standards. Lesson plans and ideas for use come with each product to support the educator and/or parent. Adorable original illustrations highlight the text and engage the learner for greater motivation and comprehension. Along with our materials, we also provide online support through our blog, El Mundo de Pepita, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat.

Download the mini-book Olivia y los pájaros by Mundo de Pepita.

Mundo de Pepita is one of the best Spanish TpT stores for teachers of the early grades.

Spanish Sundries

The Spanish Sundries TpT store has wide range of resources and is associated with the blog Throw Away Your Textbook! Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. This innovative teacher describes her store this way: Ideas and resources for teachers who want to run a proficiency-based classroom. Specializing in materials to use with novice and intermediate learners.

Download a fast-paced color game, Descúbrelo, by Spanish Sundries.

Spanish TpT stores have games and activities for language learners.

World Language Cafe

The World Language Cafe TpT store is another of the Spanish TpT stores you will want to visit. Be sure to check out The World Language Cafe blog too, especially the Spanish lesson plans.

The creator of these materials describes her store this way:

Our goal at World Language Cafe is to create engaging lessons to spice up the Spanish classroom to get students speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the target language as much as possible. We love providing K-12 teachers with high quality, innovative resources and teaching tips to bring culture to life and a new energy to classrooms around the world.

Some of my most popular resources include: holiday activities (Day of the Dead, Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo), Hispanic countries virtual field trips, and trifold flashcards (to revolutionize the way you teach verbs and grammar).

Download the activity packet Mexican and Spanish Flags, Photos and Interesting Facts by World Language Cafe.

Spanish TpT stores have resources to teach language and culture.

Sra. Casado Spanish and Math

The Sra. Casado Spanish and Math TpT store has wonderful resources for Spanish teachers and families raising bilingual children. Sra. Casado says: I am a Spanish and Math tutor, based in NYC.  I am also a mama to 3 bilingual boys.  I share about what strategies, products, and activities work (and what do not!) for our family and my students.

You can follow Sra. Casado on Instagram to see photos of her activities and kids.

Download Spanish Sight Word Practice by Sra. Casado.

Teachers and parents can use Spanish TpT stores to find a variety of materials for language learners.

Spanish With Sra. Shaw

The Spanish with Sra. Shaw TpT store has many activities for the middle grades that can also be used with students in upper elementary. Sra. Shaw says her blog, Spanish with Sra. Shaw is “intended to support Spanish teachers with developing classroom routines, moving to proficiency-based methods, utilizing authentic materials, and organizing the classroom itself to support proficiency.  In particular, there is a six-part blog series about Integrated Performance Assessments that outlines the benefits of IPAs, how to find authentic resources, and how to plan, manage, and complete each assessment.” The materials in the TpT store reflect the emphasis on proficiency-based methods.

Download a Question Ladder Guide: Interpersonal Speaking Practice & IPA Prep by Spanish With Sra. Shaw.

Spanish TpT stores have materials to support proficency-based classrooms.

Spanish Mama

The Spanish Mama TpT store is another good resource for language teachers and you can read posts from Spanish Mama on her blog.  Spanish Mama describes her blog and store this way: Spanish Mama has resources for all ages. On the website, you can find songs, poems, and stories, as well as posts on teaching Spanish and raising bilingual kids. There’s also a new series on teaching preschool Spanish through storytelling and authentic resources, based on the song “Los pollitos dicen.” The Spanish Mama TpT shop has high school and middle school materials, along with some printables for preschool and elementary. 

Download a mini-book about farm animals from Spanish Mama.

You can find mini-books for kids in Spanish TpT stores.

These Spanish TpT stores have many materials for young language learners. You will find a wide range of levels and topics, so take time to explore what these teachers have to offer. If you have other favorite Spanish TpT stores, please share them in the comments!


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