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Pakapaka is an educational television channel for children from el Ministerio de Educación of Argentina. The channel has an internet site with many videos, songs and games for kids.

On the site, there is a selection of Spanish tongue twisters, or trabalenguas, with audio of children saying them. Children learning Spanish can have fun trying to say the Spanish tongue twisters. They will like listening to other children try to say them, too. I have also included traditional Spanish tongue twisters at the end of this post.

There is audio for 12 Spanish tongue twisters in the Audios section of Pakapaka.

Audio of Spanish Tongue Twisters

Spanish Tongue Twisters from Pakapaka

Several of the tongue twisters mention places in Argentina, so you may want to help children locate them on a map.
These are the places:
– Mina Clavero is city in the Province of Córdoba.
– Trenque Lauquen is a municipality in the west of the province of Buenos Aires.
– Abra Pampa is a town and municipality in Jujuy Province and the capital of the Department of Cochinoca.
– Chaco is a province in the northeastern part of Argentina.
– Pergamino is a city in the Province of Buenos Aires.

You can also see video of children trying to say the Spanish tongue twisters. Search PakaPaka trabalenguas on YouTube.

Video of Spanish Tongue Twisters

The Spanish tongue twisters on Pakapaka are not traditional throughout Latin America. If you would like to teach your children or students traditional tongue twisters, here are a few to get you started. You can find many more online and hear them pronounced by searching trabalenguas on YouTube.

Un burro comía berros y un perro se los robó.
El burro lanzó un rebuzno y el perro al barro cayó.

Pancha plancha con cuatro planchas.
¿Con cuántas planchas plancha Pancha?

Erre con erre guitarra, erre con erre barril
Qué rápido ruedan las ruedas, las ruedas del ferrocarril.

Si yo como como como y tú comes como comes
¿cómo comes como como si yo como como como ?

María Chuzena techaba su choza.
y un techador que por allí pasaba le dijo:
¿ tú techas tu choza o techas la ajena?
No techo mi choza ni techo la ajena,
que techo la choza de María Chuzena.

Cuando cuentas cuentos
cuenta cuántos cuentos cuentas.
Porque si no cuentas cuántos cuentos cuentas
nunca sabrás cuántos cuentos sabes contar.

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