Spanish Thanksgiving coloring pages teach vocabulary.

All of these Spanish Thanksgiving vocabulary coloring pages are now available free of charge!

Carlos Medrano, a graphic artist from Mexicali, Mexico made these Thanksgiving coloring pages for Spanish Playground. These pictures are the perfect way to remind children, and the rest of us, of the many things for which we are thankful. Kids can color them just for fun, as decorations, or as place mats. When you ask ¿Por qué estás agradecido? or ¿Por qué estás agradecida? (What are you grateful for?), kids will be ready to answer. To make them a little bigger to use as place mats, we centered them on construction paper.

Of course, these designs are not just for Thanksgiving. They are a good reminder at any time of the year that we have much to be grateful for and that all of it can be expressed in Spanish.

You can now download all these designs free here on Spanish Playground using the link above.

Spanish Thanksgiving coloring pages

The design in the photo at the top of this article has the heading Doy gracias por… and is followed by lots of common Spanish words with simple pictures to make the meaning clear. There are four other coloring pages too: Doy gracias por mi cuerpo (niño y niña), Doy gracias por los colores and Doy gracias por los animales. 

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