The Thanksgiving Story in Spanish told with pictograms.

This is the story of Thanksgiving in Spanish in very simple words. Kids help tell the story by “reading” key words looking at the pictures embedded in the text. There is a key with the word that each picture represents at the end. Children already know a lot about Thanksgiving, and they use that information to understand the Spanish. If the vocabulary is new for your child, read the story putting in the words yourself until your child is comfortable contributing.

With all my classes, I use simple texts like this one to tell group stories. I write them using the vocabulary and structures the kids are learning and then use puppets and simple paper scenery to act out the story. The first time, I tell the story and the kids listen. Then, they say the words together or each child contributes a different word. This is an easy way to keep kids engaged and to get beginners producing Spanish right away in a whole language context.

Use these downloadable PDFs to print this Spanish Thanksgiving story on one sheet or as a mini book.

El Día de Acción de Gracias – Simple story with images. Story on pages 1 and 2. Key on page 3.

El Día de Acción de Gracias – Mini-book. Cut pages apart, add a cover, and staple together.

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