Kids learn basic vocabulary as they read and color a Spanish Thanksgiving minibook.

Monarca Language is sharing a Spanish Thanksgiving minibook with Spanish Playground readers. The minibook Doy gracias is an excellent way to talk about Thanksgiving in Spanish, or about being thankful at anytime. It has basic vocabulary and you can use it in different ways. It is appropriate material for Spanish language learners in elementary school, as well as younger children.

Suggestions for the Spanish Thanksgiving Minibook

– Explain that Thanksgiving is called el Día de la Acción de Gracias or el Día de Gracias. Día and gracias are two of the first words children learn in Spanish, and they will recognize them in the name of the holiday.

– Read the story together and point to the words in the pictures (amigos, familia, cielo, comida) as you say them.

– Ask personal questions and model answers:
¿Cómo se llaman tus amigos? Una se llama Sofía, ¿verdad?
¿Qué aprendes a hacer?  Aprendes a nadar (montar en bicicleta, leer, escribir) (act out verbs to help kids understand)
¿Te gusta el pavo? (Point to the picture.) A mí me gusta el pavo. ¡Yum!

– Sing this book to the tune of London Bridge. Singing is a great way to learn language! Repeat the last part of each line to fit the song and finish each verse with muchas gracias:
Doy gracias por la comida, la comida, la comida.
Doy gracias por la comida, muchas gracias.

(Sing Doy gracias por aprender, aprender, aprender and leave out muchas cosas nuevas)

– There is additional vocabulary labeled on the page that says Doy gracias por aprender muchas cosas nuevas. Help children who are beginning to read in Spanish sound out these words by syllables. Use the word in a sentence about the picture as you talk to your child: Hay un pájaro en el árbol.

– Children may know other words in the pictures, like body parts or clothes. Talk about the pictures using familiar vocabulary. If the students are learning to read and write, you can help them label words they know.

– Talk about the pictures as kids as they color the book. If you are at home or in a small group, print one for yourself and color too, so the interaction is natural. You can use simple sentences like these:
Es una niña. Voy a colorear la niña. La bufanda es roja.
Hay mucha comida en la mesa. Voy a colorear las flores de color amarillo.
Hay tres niños.
Read more suggestions for coloring with children.

Printable Spanish Thanksgiving Minibook

Monarca Language Minibook – Doy gracias

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