Spanish Thanksgiving activities that include nature vocabulary.

It is easy to tie almost any vocabulary into Thanksgiving activities. After all, we are thankful for family, food, community helpers, our bodies, and many other things that children learn the words for in Spanish. These Spanish Thanksgiving activities teach children vocabulary related to the natural world.

Coloring Pages

These new coloring pages are good Spanish Thanksgiving activities for language learners. The pages Doy gracias por la naturaleza, Doy gracias por los insectos, and Doy gracias por los animales salvajes have simple pictures labeled in Spanish. They help kids express what they are thankful for and learn new vocabulary related to the natural world.

Use the links below to download these Spanish Thanksgiving activities. You can find Thanksgiving coloring pages with more vocabulary here. In another post, there is a Thanksgiving coloring page with transportation vocabulary.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages about the Natural World
Doy gracias por la naturaleza.
Doy gracias por los insectos.
Doy gracias por los animales salvajes.

Yoga Sequence

Yoga is one of my favorite Spanish Thanksgiving activities to do with kids. KidsYogaStories has a wonderful Thanksgiving yoga sequence. The poses are all related to the natural world. Follow the link to find the description of the poses. This is the vocabulary you need to do the sequence in Spanish.

Doy gracias por…

sun and sky – el sol y el cielo
birds – los pájaros
trees – los árboles
kites in the breeze – las cometas (los papalotes) volando en la brisa
rain – la lluvia
flowers – las flores
moonlight – la luz de la luna
stars in the sky – las estrellas en el cielo

Yoga is an excellent language learning activity because kids act out the words and that reinforces the meaning. Also, movement enhances learning.

Game with Craft and Movement

AllDoneMonkey created a fabulous Thanksgiving game called Journey to the Gratitude Garden. Read about how to play the gratitude game in Spanish. It involves two Spanish Thanksgiving activities, a craft and then acting out the journey. The structure of the game includes this vocabulary from the natural word: el árbol, el jardín, el bosque, el pantano, la montaña. Also, as part of the game, kids need to call out things they are thankful for, so they use personalized vocabulary too.

Book and Audiobook on YouTube

Reading and talking about stories are wonderful Spanish Thanksgiving activities. The lovely picture book Gracias by Pat Mora has lots of key vocabulary that relates to the natural world: el sol, la mariquita, el grillo, las olas, el gusano, la luna.

Sol y Canto have recorded part of the book Gracias on YouTube. The book is dual language, and the recording has both the Spanish and the English. The book is available in many libraries and also from Amazon.

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