Spanish syllables

Online Free Spanish has added more syllable activities. This set uses the letter m plus the vowels: ma, me, mi, mo, mu. These activities are perfect for beginning Spanish readers and are also a good way to expose kids to new words. You can read more about why these activities work so well for children learning Spanish and find suggestions for additional activities using the printed pages here: Spanish syllable activities.

These syllable activities have several parts that build on each other. First, the syllables are pronounced with native-speaker audio. Each syllable is used in words and there are images to make the meaning of the words clear. The words are then used in sentences, and the sentences also have pictures so that children will understand them. There is audio for the syllables, the words and the sentences. Use the right-left arrows to move through the vowel sounds: ma, me, mi, mo, mu. Use the up-down arrows to see and hear the words for each syllable used in sentences.

I tell my students to just listen first and then encourage them to repeat, copying the pronunciation. Here are a few other ideas for reinforcing Spanish syllables with your child:

– Look for the syllables in stories, songs, labels and the calendar. Wherever you see Spanish text, you will be able to find them.
– See how many words you can find with syllables of a certain letter in a (short!) story.
– Make additional activities using the images and words from OnlineFreeSpanish. You can print the pages and cut and paste, so they are easy to make.

You many want to add other common words with ma, me, mi, mo, mu. Here are a few more you can use:
ma – maleta, manzana, mano, mapa, tomate
me – mesa, melón, camello
mi – micrófono, amigo, hormiga
mo – mono, molino, remo, moto, moño, moneda, mochila
mu – muñeca, música, museo, muchacha

Try making activities like these:
– Circle the picture that corresponds to the syllable.


spanish syllables      spanish syllables       spanish syllables

spanish syllables    spanish syllables       spanish syllables

– Circle the beginning sound that matches the picture. When you do this kind of activity together, say the word aloud looking at the picture. Then, find the sound that matches.

spanish syllables                spanish syllables
mu  me  mi               me  mi  ma

– Draw a line from the picture to the word. Look at the picture and say the word first. Then find the word that matches.

– Give children the picture and the word with the key syllable missing. Kids complete with the correct syllable.

spanish syllables                               spanish syllables

__ __ ñeca                               ca __ __

– Give children the picture and the word with the letters scrambled. They unscramble and write the word in the blanks.

– Match the image from OnlineFreeSpanish to the sentence.

¡Muchísimas gracias a OnlineFreeSpanish por estas actividades!

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