Spanish Summer Reading Program: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
about the Spanish Summer Program

What is the Spanish Summer Reading Program?

Spanish Playground’s summer program provides encouragement to read in Spanish. It is  based on the model used in public libraries, where children read throughout the summer and complete reading challenges or progress sheets.

The program also encourages children to listen to music and play in Spanish. There are Spanish activities and the focus is fun and learning for everyone!

Why is summer Spanish important?

Studies have shown that students often experience a “summer slide,” meaning that they lose educational gains made during the school year. The Spanish Summer Reading Program is a fun and easy way to fight learning loss.

Does the Spanish Summer Reading Program cost anything?

No. The program is free.

When can my child sign up?

Registration begins May 15. Join any time during the summer. The program ends on August 1.

I’m a teacher. Can I register my class?

Yes! When you register, enter the number of students participating and their age range. Copy the reading log and other materials for your class when you receive the email, or forward the link to parents. You can also encourage parents to register their children.

My child is too young to read independently. Can she still participate?

Yes, children of any age can be read to by adults or older children. Reading aloud is an excellent way to help your child learn Spanish. We encourage you to read daily!

We will also recommend songs for younger children and many activities that you can do with your child.

Does my child have to read specific books or do certain activities?

No, children and their families choose the books. All reading and language practice is good.

We don’t have books in Spanish. Where can I get books?

Many libraries have Spanish language books, so that is a good place to start. See our book list.
We also share resources with free online stories, printable stories and other types of reading practice. Our Spanish Reading for Kids page has many resources.

Do we have to do the book activities?

No, the important thing is to use Spanish in a way that is fun and useful for your children. The activities are to motivate kids and engage them with Spanish. Do the activities that are fun and helpful for your child. The book activities are designed to be used with any story.

How do I submit the books my child reads or the activities she does?

You do not submit the number of books or titles your child reads. The reading log is to help children see what they accomplish. Each time they finish a book, they color a book on the shelf. For children reading longer books, each book can represent 15 minutes. There is no set number of books to read. Please encourage your child to challenge herself!

Are there prizes?

Spanish Playground will give children a reward and a certificate of accomplishment to download at the end of the program. All participants will also be entered in a drawing for one of five prize packages of Spanish books, music and games.

In addition, we encourage families to create their own summer reading reward. A picnic in the park, a movie, a family bike ride – you know what your child likes. Decide how you want to celebrate summer reading!

Should we still participate in the summer reading program at our local library?

Yes!  The Spanish Summer Reading Program does not replace other programs, nor does it replace summer reading in English. We encourage you to participate in multiple summer reading opportunities, wherever they are available!