My Mochila is a Spanish subscription box with curated materials for teaching children Spanish.

Children learn Spanish when they connect with the language and want to communicate with others. In other words, rich content that appeals to them is key. As children hear and interact with stories and songs they love, that connection becomes a powerful pathway to language learning. My Mochila, a Spanish subscription box, gives children the rich, joyful experience they need to speak Spanish.

Founder, Irma Vazquez, brings both personal and professional passion to My Mochila. As a Latina educator, she recognizes the richness of Hispanic culture as the ideal context for learning language. My Mochila brings together curated materials and carefully-planned lessons rooted in the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Learn more about My Mochila and register before December 20 for January delivery.

As I explored the materials and lessons in My Mochila, the words that ran through my mind over and over were richness and depth. The Spanish experience is rich-multi-layered, thoughtfully-designed and rooted in culture. The learning is deep – based on effective interactions with the language that build on each other. Often, Spanish learning materials rely on superficial exposure, and that does not work. My Mochila, on the other hand, is committed to quality exposure over time. That is how children learn to speak Spanish.

Spanish Subscription Box Content and Structure

My Mochila organizes and delivers Spanish learning to your door in measured, hand-selected boxes of treasure. Music, literature, arts and crafts, and parent resources for a specific theme make learning Spanish delightful and manageable. Children use the theme-centered materials in the Spanish subscription box to play, imagine and create. Stories, songs, games and art build the rich, multilayered interactions kids need to truly learn Spanish.

This Spanish subscription box has music, books, arts and crafts and lesson plans for teaching children Spanish.

My Mochila Support for Parents and Teachers

The detailed lesson plans in the Spanish subscription box communicate the vision behind the materials and explain how to use them effectively with children. Teachers will recognize best practices in picture walks, think-alouds and total physical response. Parents who are new to the language learning concepts will realize their children are getting the support they need to truly learn Spanish. In addition, parents will become familiar with what constitutes a quality language experience. Through clear explanations and videos modeling how to engage kids with language, parents will acquire the skills they need to support their children in the amazing journey to becoming Spanish speakers.

This Spanish subscription box has detailed lessons plans for parents and teachers.

Spanish Subscription Box Materials

Learning Spanish, children need content that speaks to them, that engages them. The materials in My Mochila are as beautiful as they are effective, so children will come back to the books, songs, and other treasures again and again. The lesson plans use the materials in engaging, multi-sensory activities. Carefully selected to support the language for the theme, the activities and materials create repeated opportunities for comprehensible input – in other words, opportunities to use language in a context that children will understand.

Teaching Spanish, like learning Spanish, is a joyful, rewarding process. However, it is also that – a process. It takes time, energy and commitment. The Spanish subscription box My Mochila organizes and supports the language learning journey with joy, passion and vision. Register before Dec. 20 for January delivery of your Spanish learning treasure box.

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