Spanish stories online created by Imactiva with a variety of reading activities.

Imactiva is an education technology company that works with the Chilean government, publishers and companies to develop education software. They have created wonderful resources for native speakers and many are valuable for Spanish language learners. One of their educational tools includes an excellent collection of Spanish stories online and follow-up activities for each story.

Bartolo is a digital resource to promote literacy. Along with other features, Bartolo has several Spanish stories online. The stories have illustrations, excellent audio, and a variety of well-designed language and comprehension activities. Several of these stories are at a level that makes them useful for Spanish language learners in elementary school.

Features of the Spanish Stories Online

  • The stories are at a variety of levels.
  • Several of the stories are traditional and familiar to children.
  • Each story begins with a question asking kids to predict what will happen.
  • The text is highlighted as it is read aloud.
  • The story advances when users click to next page, letting teachers control the pace as they work with the text and illustrations.
  • Each page has the option to repeat.
  • There are excellent follow-up activities including identifying characters, sequencing pictures, sentence completion, puzzles and more. The activities vary with the story.
  • There are a sufficient number of items in each activity to work with the text in depth.
  • Additional audio supports the text and illustrations in the activities.

You can find all the Spanish stories here: Spanish Stories Online – Bartolo from Imactiva

The stories are Adivina lo que siento (and an activitiy for that story), La mono vestida, La cigarra y la hormiga and El cabrito y el lobo.

These Spanish stories online provide lots of exposure to language in context. The illustrations and audio help teachers work with the text to create comprehensible input for language learners. These are great learning tools! ¡Muchisímas gracias a Imactiva!

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