Since the time I wrote this post, Northumberland Grid for Learning has begun to charge users who are not in Northunberland for the materials. You can find the information on a subscription here: Northumberland Grid for Learning.

I will leave these descriptions, but remove the links because they no longer take you to the materials.

This selection of language activities and materials is a useful resource for anyone teaching children Spanish in a classroom or at home. The page is part of the Northumberland Grid for Learning (Northumberland, England), and it has a variety of materials in Spanish, French and German. Many of them are based on animated stories with native-speaker audio.

There are lots of activities and materials on these pages so be sure to look around. I will mention a few of the Spanish stories and resources that I have used, but do check out each section: Link to online Spanish fairy tales

Spanish Fairy Tales and Materials

In the fairy tales section you will find Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Three Pigs. There are interactive stories for each of these, with audio and animation. (For some reason The Three Bears story will not go to full screen for me. The other three work perfectly.)

For the animated fairy tales of The Three Bears and Three Billy Goats Gruff, there is an image gallery – a selection of printable images that include characters, backgrounds and scenes. These images are wonderful for retelling stories and have saved me lots of time.

Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Pigs also have a printable book (Word or PDF) and a resource manual (PDF). The resource manuals have lots of activities with great instructions and all the printable materials you need to do them. The activities include things like story boarding, card sorting, map from memory (both visual and auditory) character description, odd one out, dominoes, pass the parcel, snakes and ladders, action charades, a narrative format script, a song and even a section on board game language.

 The Little Red Hen and The Giant Turnip

There is a simple animated story of The Little Red Hen with a printable book, an image gallery, and printable pictures to make stick puppets. This version of the story uses the verbs segar and trillar. These are not common verbs, but you can give cortar as a synonym of segar. Trillar is verb you just have to explain, as you would thresh in English.

The Giant Turnip has the same kind of simple animated story. There is also a printable book, an image gallery, and printable pictures to make stick puppets. You can listen to this story with or without text support.

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