Spanish stories for bedtime help children establish a healthy bedtime routine.

The idea behind these Spanish stories is so clever! They are bedtime stories that ask kids to participate by drinking a glass of milk by taking a sip when a character drinks.  Jorge Argueta wrote the stories as part of the Otros Cuentos campaign to promote a bedtime routine. All of them use this fun method of engaging kids.

In August 2013, award-winning author Jorge Argueta teamed up with the California Milk Processor Board to promote healthy bedtime routines for kids. The campaign encourages kids and parents to enjoy bedtime with a story and a glass of milk. Jorge Argueta wrote 7 Spanish stories that are available as free PDFs to read online or download and also available as free apps.

You can read more (in Spanish) about Jorge Argueta and the campaign on the Toma Leche (Got Milk) website.

These 7 Spanish stories are great bedtime fun. They all involve a glass of milk and the participation of the child listening to the story. For example, in Un día con Pedro, kids follow Pedro, a firetruck through his day. Pedro happens to run on milk, and kids join Pedro as he takes sips to stay fueled up. In Elena la mona ruidosa, as a part of the story kids first slurp like Elena and then teach Elena how to drink without making noise.

The Otros Cuentos website has been merged with the Toma Leche Facebook page. There you will find all the Spanish stories. Just click on the book covers in the image.

Enjoy these great bedtime stories! Y que sueñes con los angelitos…

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