These are the four Spanish spring vocabulary infographics you can download.

It’s May, and it’s beautiful. This month is going to be a hard one in many ways, but spring is here. That is something to celebrate, and many teachers and parents are looking for ways to include Spanish spring vocabulary as part of their lessons.

With novice learners, I focus on high frequency, general vocabulary. In addition, I introduce vocabulary related to specific content or themes. I love images as a reference for this new vocabulary because with clear pictures I can point, and I don’t have to translate. 

Of course, there are lots of ways to use visual clues for language learning. For example, I hold up pictures and objects and make simple drawings. However, I’ve found that a set of related images is a great tool to support comprehensible input and stay in the target language.

Below you’ll find 4 Spanish spring vocabulary infographics to use with language learners. I’ve divided the vocabulary into weather, animals, insects, and general words we associate with spring.

In addition to making it easier for me to create comprehensible input, these images of Spanish spring vocabulary provide students with support for speaking and writing tasks. 

Check out all our Spanish Vocabulary infographics for common themes.

You can download the following images files (right click and save). There are also links at the bottom of the post to download the images as PDFs.

Spanish Weather Vocabulary

Spanish spring vocabulary related to weather in an infographic for language learners.

Spring Animals in Spanish

Spanish spring vocabulary related to animals in an infographic for language learners.

Spanish Insect Vocabulary

Vocabulary related to insects in Spanish in an infographic for language learners.

General Spring Words

General spring vocabulary infographic,

PDFs of Spring Infographics

You can download these PDFs to any device or print them. They come in handy as a word bank for activities and to share with families.

Weather Infographic

Animals Infographic

Insects Infographic

General Vocabulary Infographic

Spring Videos

You may also be interested in these videos about plants and the caring for the Earth. They make a great addition to spring themes. You can find over 100 videos for learning Spanish on our YouTube channel.

These are difficult times, but it’s worth taking a moment and recognizing the beauty of spring. How are you celebrating the season with your students or family?

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