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Cantoalegre is an amazing resource. This fabulous organization from Colombia offers free downloads of their Spanish songs for kids. They explain their generosity saying Porque la música es de todos, te traemos canciones para descargar gratis. Because music belongs to everyone, we bring you songs to download free.

Cantoalegre is a non-profit cultural organization in Colombia dedicated to the creation, study and performance of children’s music. The group performs, produces CDs, and has founded numerous music schools. They also coordinate an environmental education project and a music education project. Take a moment to learn about their organization here: Cantoalegre

Cantoalegre has a separate website dedicated to resources for enjoying music with children. In addition to free downloads of their songs, there are activities for teachers and parents, stories and video clips for kids, and internet radio.

The free downloads of music are on the tab Descargas. There are seven collections of songs. When you select a Colección in the left-hand column, the song titles appear in the middle column. Click on a song, and the lyrics, a player and the download button appear on the right. Use the player on the right to start the song. You have to use the big player at the bottom of the screen to advance, pause or stop the song.

There are lyrics for all of the songs on the first four collections. Buen comienzo, Invitados música libre and Cantoalegre canta la Navidad do not have lyrics, but the songs are clear and some appear in other parts of the site.

There are approximately 75 songs available to download. If you are looking for music for class, you will have explore and choose what works best for you. I will mention just a few that work well with Spanish language learners. Be sure to check the lyrics against the song for small variations before using them in class.

Link to Spanish Songs for Kids – Free Downloads

Songs for Children in Spanish – Cantoalegre

Colección – Cantar y jugar
Gusanito medidor
Caballito de mar
Gato Garabato – This song has a video on the tab Canta y juega. Click on Karaokes.
Duérmete mi niño – The traditional lullaby
Carta la viento – This song has a video on the tab Canta y juega. Click on Videoclips.  This is a wonderful song for spring.
Canción del eco – This song has a video on the tab Canta y juega. Click on Karaokes.
El baile del esqueleto – This is a fun song for body parts. Kids freeze when the music stops.
La bola, bola – This song has a video on the tab Canta y juega. Click on Videoclips.
La casa tiene – This song has a video on the tab Canta y juega. Click on Videoclips and then La casa.

Colección – Agua pasó por aquí
Agua que va a llover – Parts of this song are spoken.
La casa que Juan construyó – A cumulative song, similar to The House that Jack Built in English.
Canta la lluvia a la tierra

Colección – Un, dos, tres por mí y por todos
Los hermanos de Juan – This is a fun clapping game. I wrote about another version earlier and you can see a video there: Escatumbararibe – Clapping Game with Cups

Colección – Un buen comienzo
Hola hola para ti
El puente de Avignon
El conejo loco
Tengo sueño

On the tab Canta y enseña you will find a variety of activities using Cantoalegre songs. For Spanish language learners, be sure to look at the Cuerpo y movimiento section. Also, the section El mundo que me rodea has questions and activities for several wonderful songs that work well with children learning Spanish.

The tab Canta y juega has karaoke videos for a number of songs. There are also stories in the section Cuentos. These do not have images, but some are simple enough to use with children learning Spanish. They could be used with felt board figures or paper cut-outs.

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