spanish songs for kids

These Spanish songs for kids from Spanish Together are all about fall. Children learn about the change of seasons in school, and in some places they see the leaves change color as the days get colder. Relating language to what they are learning and to their lives gives it more context and makes it “real.” All of these songs are available to download individually or as part of the CD Jump Into Spanish. There are links at the end of this post.

Hojas, hojas is a simple song that teaches the verb caerse and color words in Spanish. The lyrics are simple: Hojas, hojas, las hojas se caen del árbol (Leaves, leaves, leaves fall from the tree), and then the colors. Kids learn this song quickly and love to act out leaves falling from the tree with their hands. With cards (cut as leaves if you are ambitious) kids can touch or hold up each color as they sing.


In Wisconsin, fall means trips to the apple orchard and lots of apple pie. ¿Cuántas manzanas hay? is a counting song. It is fun to sing and count real apples!


Cinco calabazas teaches emotions in Spanish: tired, scared, angry, frustrated, surprised and happy. I wrote a post about what specifically makes this song great for Spanish language learners. You can read that here: Spanish Emotions, Agreement, Numbers and Fun – A Great Song for Halloween or Anytime


All of these songs are on the CD Jump into Spanish from Spanish Together. That CD also has a wonderful Thanksgiving song called Yo soy un pavo. There is a cute video of that song, too. You can get the CD or individual songs from iTunes, Amazon, or cdbaby. Their Facebook page, Fun for Spanish Teachers, has a lot of information and activities, too.

Spanish songs for kids

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