Mariana Iranzi has a new album of Spanish songs for school or home.

I’m so excited about Mariana Iranzi’s new music! Her album Primavera brings us beautiful, educational songs for children. This album is a must-have for dual language programs and Spanish-speaking families working to provide a language-rich experience at home. It also has Spanish songs for school programs that work with language learners of all levels.

Originally from Argentina and now living in the U.S., Mariana is a musician, educator, and mother. In addition to her musical talent, she knows how to engage children with songs and language. You can learn more about Mariana Iranzi on her website. Primavera is now streaming on Spotify and is available on iTunes  and Amazon.

Mariana Iranzi records Spanish songs for school and home on her new album.

Basic Concepts and Theme Vocabulary

These songs have a range of vocabulary, making them appropriate for native speakers and dual language classrooms, as well as Spanish learners. The themes fit into elementary classroom content, but the music is engaging and fun for home too.

These are excellent Spanish songs for school or home because they weave basic concepts into the lyrics in original, effective ways. For example, two fun songs teach body parts. One combines the vocabulary with counting and the other pairs body parts with related high-frequency verbs.

An alphabet song pairs each letter with a word. The letters are recited too, but using them in words teaches vocabulary and makes it easy to support the song with pictures. It is more fun to sing than just the letters and more effective learning.

In addition to body parts, counting and the alphabet, the album includes songs that teach vowel sounds, transportation, opposites, the life cycle of a plant, and the importance of caring for the Earth.

Mariana’s previous songs are fun to use beginning Spanish learners. For an introduction to easy Spanish vocabulary, check out her song Hola Hello with free printable activities.

Activity Booklet for Spanish Songs for School

Mariana Iranzi is creating a printable booklet of activities to support the content and language in the songs. The booklet includes the lyrics, printable activities for each song and additional activity suggestions for using the songs with children. This support makes it easy to use the Spanish songs for school programs or at home. The activity booklet will be available soon on Mariana’s website.

These new Spanish songs for school combine basic concepts with key vocabulary related to themes.

Highlights for Spanish Learners

I’m going to highlight a few songs on the album, but be sure to listen for yourself. There is a lot of music and language to explore.

Caracol – Caracol is the first video from the album Primavera. With sentences like Muy lento se va and Muy feliz está, the rhyme and vocabulary are a good fit for Spanish learners. I also used this video to talk about saludos, and then we practiced different greetings. It fit right in with this printable board game for practicing greetings.

Las vocales – This song starts with sustained vowel sounds, so kids really hear and make the correct sound. Next, it combines the vowels with consonants – la, le, li, lo, lu and na, ne, ni, no, nu, – as we do as they learn to read. Then, the song creates a scene from 5 words that begin with the different vowels. This is a vowel song that children can illustrate, label and sing again and again.

Corazón – This song combines parts of the body and related infinitives: Tengo ojos para mirar. Tengo manos para saludar. The tempo is just right for Spanish learners and the song has a sweet conclusion.

El abecedario – This song associates each letter of the alphabet with a word, making it an excellent way to learn vocabulary and letter sounds as well as the letter names.

Check out more of our favorite Spanish songs for kids organized by theme.

Primavera is part of a new project that will consist of 4 albums of Spanish songs for school programs or families, each themed for a different season. This music and the activities that accompany them are a fabulous addition to elementary programs. Mariana’s amazing voice and the musicality of the songs make Primavera an album that kids and adults will want to listen to again and again.

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