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In these songs from the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish curriculum, music and lyrics come together for fun, effective language learning. If you have a child who loves learning Spanish, or a classroom full of them, these songs are going to be a hit. The CDs are part of the curriculum, but they are also sold separately. There is a list of the song titles and the grammar points they deal with at the end of this post.

Julia Burnier wrote the songs specifically to teach children Spanish verbs, but they are much more than just reciting conjugations. The lyrics naturally incorporate verb phrases and specific uses of verbs. The result – the songs make sense and at the same time provide lots of focused verb practice. Most important, the meaning of the verb is essential to the “story” of the song.

The songs are a combination of original and traditional Mexican melodies recorded with voice and guitar. In terms of language learning, I appreciate how clear the Spanish is. The guitar is wonderful, but you can always hear every syllable of the words. The tempo is also perfect for Spanish language learners to sing along. It is not too fast, but moves along enough to keep kids engaged with the music and language.

There are two volumes of Sing ‘n Learn Verbs in Spanish. In schools using the curriculum, they are used in grades 3-8, but they would be excellent for high school students too. The CDs come with a songbook with all of the lyrics in Spanish and English.

You can listen to clips of the songs on the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish website.

Visit the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish website to order. You have to call to order (or send a fax). Julia Burnier, the company founder, assured me that they ship immediately. To receive the CDs by Christmas, be sure to order by Dec 18th!

These are the songs on the two CDs:

Sing ‘n Learn Verbs in Spanish
Volume One
Present Tense Verbs

1. ¿Dónde Está el Tesoro? (Estar and location)
2. Yo Estoy Aquí (Estar conjugation)
3. Enamorada (Estar and feelings)
4. Pajarito Lindo (Estar and feelings/location)
5. Soy un León (Ser and identity)
6. Yo Soy, Tú Eres (Ser conjugation)
7. La Bamba (Ser and professions)
8. La Piñata (Tener conjugation)
9. Tengo Que Reir (Tener que and verbs)
10. Vamos a la Fiesta (Ir conjugation + Ir a and verbs)
11. A Todo Dar (Poder and verbs)
12. Carmelita (Poder and Querer and verbs)
13. Mariquita Mía (Querer and verbs)
14. ¿Cuándo Vamos a Llegar? (Cuando/time phrases)
15. Los Meses (Months of the year)

Sing ‘n Learn Verbs in Spanish
Volume Two
Present Tense Verbs

1. Cantando y Conjugando (reg. present tense verbs)
2. Las Hormigas Rebeldes ( reg. present tense verbs, nosotros/ellos)
3. Cuando Me Despierto (reflexive verbs)
4. Dormir y Soñar (stem-changing verbs)
5. Si Yo Miento (stem changing verbs)
6. El Chile Verde (present progressive tense)
7. La Comida Mexicana (me/te/le/nos gusta(n))
8. Mucho En Común (encantar, molestar, interesar, importar)
9. Conozco a Mis Amigos (conocer and direct object pronouns)
10. El Fantasma Maldito (tener que, poder, ir a)
11. ¿Antonia, Qué Has Hecho? (preterite tense and object pronouns)

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Disclosure: The company sent me a copy of this product to be able to write the article. All of the ideas and opinions are my own.


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