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By request, I have made a YouTube channel with the Spanish songs for kids that I recommend on Spanish Playground. To those of you asked for this, thank you for your patience. Subscribe now!

Spanish Playground YouTube Channel

The songs on the Spanish Playground YouTube channel work well with Spanish language learners at different levels. I have written about all the songs, with suggestions for teaching, the lyrics and translations. The URL of the post on the song is in the channel comment section. You can copy-paste or just search for the song title here on Spanish Playground.

When I choose songs to use in class and to share, I consider these things:

– Repetition. Ideally, kids have the chance to sing the same lines over and over.

– Length of the song. Short songs are easier to learn and work better for me in a class setting. We can always sing them again.

– Vocabulary. Although all words are important, I look for songs with everyday vocabulary and concrete rather than abstract words. Words that can be represented by pictures and actions are most effective for children learning language.

– Clarity. Children have to be able to hear and understand the words. If I am buying a song, I choose a version where the instruments do not make it hard to hear the words.

– Tempo. If I am choosing a song to play for children in class, I choose songs that are not too fast. Of course, you can sing a song faster or slower once children know it.

– Actions. Songs with actions are a great way to learn Spanish. Many Spanish songs for kids, like Me muevo are designed to get kids moving. Others, like Mi dedito are fingerplays put to music.

– Activities. Some songs lend themselves to be illustrations, acting out, or they are part of a game. These are great ways to extend language learning beyond the song.

– Culture – Many of the Spanish songs for kids that I recommend are traditional. They are known throughout the Spanish-speaking world. When kids learning Spanish sing them, they are learning culture in addition to language.

– Availability. Many of the songs I recommend are available to download from Amazon, iTunes or cdbaby.

Every song on the Spanish Playground YouTube channel will not meet all of the criteria I mentioned, but all of them can be used successfully with Spanish language learners. In a post, I often mention several versions of a traditional song. The different versions are grouped together in the playlist.

As I recommend new songs, I will add them to the channel. Click the link below and subscribe now!

Spanish Playground YouTube Channel
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