Cántame un cuento is a wonderful project by Natalia Spialter and Filip Tee, both of Spain. Together, they produce fun, educational songs, and many of them can be used with Spanish language learners. You can learn more about their story and music on the Cántame un cuento website.

Nat began to write songs when her oldest daughter was an infant as a way to connect and pass on her values. The songs deal with the essential experiences of childhood such as family, daily routines and the changing seasons. Based on day-to-day reality, the songs have language that children learning Spanish are working to master.

The song Mi familia, for example, is a good way to work with family vocabulary. This video is the karaoke version, so the lyrics are on the screen.

In addition to the karaoke version with subtitles, Nat and Felip make videos of the songs with sign language (LSE – Lengua de signos española) and with pictograms. Both of these formats have visual support for the language that can be adapted to Spanish language learners. You can find the videos on the Cántame un cuento YouTube channel.

One of my favorite songs from Cántame un cuento is Brahm’s lullaby with lyrics by Nat. It is a lovely portrayal of a bedtime routine, perfect for children learning the language or native speakers.

You can get the songs from Nat and Filip’s first CD, titled Cántame un cuento, on iTunes or on cdbaby. They are currently working on a second CD which will include the lullaby and more music to share with kids learning Spanish. You can keep up with the latest from Nat and Filip on FaceBook and Twitter.

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