Spanish song about winter

It is snowed here in Wisconsin, so it is time for a winter song in Spanish. This song is called Nos gusta el invierno, Me gusta el invierno or Invierno, invierno. It has several titles because the first lines vary in different versions. The winter clothes the song mentions vary a little, too. Children in Spanish-speaking countries also learn this song as a poem.

All of these versions have the line Y por la Navidad (because of Christmas). You can change the word Navidad to another -dad word, or any word that ends in a stressed syllable with a as the vowel. Here are some possibilities: y por la majestad, y por la felicidad, y por la festividad, y por la suavidad, y por la preciosidad, y por poderse patinar, y por poderse deslizar.

You can hear Laura from Yo canto y bailo esta canción sing Invierno, invierno, this Spanish song about winter, in this video. As always, many thanks for permission to embed the video!

These are the words to this version:
Invierno, invierno
¿Por qué nos gustará?
Por la nieve blanca
Y por la Navidad.
El frío del invierno
Ya tiene solución:
El gorro, los guantes y la calefacción.

This is another common version:

Me gusta el invierno.
No sé porque será.
Por la nieve blanca
O por la Navidad.
El frío del invierno
Tiene una solución:
El gorro, los guantes
Y la calefacción.

There is a slightly different version that begins:
Me gusta el invierno ¿Por qué me gustará? and then mentions los guantes, el abrigo y la calefacción.
You can find that version with a small printable picture of a snowman here: Spanish song about winter.

Finally,there is a version that begins Nos gusta el invierno ¿Por qué nos gustará? and ends el gorro, el abrigo, y la calefacción. You can find that version and several other Spanish poems about winter for kids about on the blog Primer Ciclo. If you keep scrolling down, you will also find a nice collection of paintings of winter. These are wonderful for talking about winter with kids learning Spanish.


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