spanish song

Koda and the Braveheart is the new CD by the band of the same name. This album of children’s music has a Spanish song titled Tortuga. There is a story behind this sweet song about a turtle. The turtle was lost in a National Park in California. Kids love a story, and it will make this song and the language more meaningful to them. You can read more about Tortuga, see the lyrics and download the song here: Spanish song – Tortuga

This Spanish song is easy to sing and it has the repetition that makes a good language-learning tool. However, there is a change in verb form, from the formal venga to the informal fuiste, that does not make sense linguistically. This Spanish song is simple enough and pretty enough to include as part of a lesson (especially one about turtles!) but instead of venga, you will want to sing ven and hold it the two beats.

The album Koda and the Braveheart, and the individual songs, are also available on iTunes, Amazon and cdbaby.

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