Spanish for children summer song

This is a traditional Spanish song about the sun. The lyrics are about the shape, the warmth, and about how the sun comes out in the day and leaves at night. This is a good song for Spanish language learners because it is short and about a familiar subject. It relates the word sol (sun) to redondito (round), calientito (warm), and día (day). Like most traditional children’s songs, there are several versions. These are the lyrics to one of the most common versions.

Sol solecito, sol redondito, / Sun little sun, little round sun,
Rueda que rueda, ronda que va. / Wheel that rolls, circle that goes.
Sol solecito, sol calientito, / Sun little sun, little warm sun,
Sales de día, y de noche te vas. / You come out in the day, and at night you leave.
Sol solecito, mañana vendrás. / Sun little sun, tomorrow you’ll come.
Sol solecito, conmigo estarás. / Sun little sun, you’ll be with me.

Here is the same version of the lyrics with a slightly different tune: Spanish children’s song. The images in the video help make the meaning of the lyrics clear. The lyrics are on the screen and the word for warm is calientito. In some versions you will hear calentito. Both forms, calentito and calientito, exist and are used in different regions.

This is another version of this Spanish song:

Sol solecito, / Sun, little sun
Sol colorado, / Little red sun,
Rueda que rueda, / Wheels that rolls,
Redondo has quedado. / You’ve ended up round.
Sales temprano, / You come out early
Tarde te vas, / You leave late.
Sol calientito, / Sun little sun
Mañana vendrás. / Tomorrow you’ll come.

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