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The title of this Spanish song and game, A pares y nones, is Evens and Odds (numbers) in English. This is a traditional game and it is played a lot with groups of kids in Mexico. Everyone joins hands in a circle and walks singing the song. Then, the leader (teacher) calls out a number and everyone hurries to form a group of that many people. I have also seen the game played using other traditional songs, like Limón partido.

The words to the song are very simple. I know two slightly different versions, and there are probably others. The video shows this Spanish game with groups of different ages, so you can get a good idea of how it works. These are words that you hear in the video:

A pares y nones / Evens and odds
vamos a jugar. / We are going to play.
El que quede solo / Whoever is left alone,
solo quedará. / will stay alone.

This is another version of the song:
A pares y nones / Evens and odds
vamos a jugar / we are going to play
el que quede solo, / Whoever is left alone,
ése perderá. / that one will lose.
¡Hey! / Hey!

A pares y nones is a traditional song and one that most children in Mexico know. Because it is so well known, it was adapted as part of an anti-drug campaign in the following public service announcement. These are the lyrics:
A pares y nones / Evens and odds
vamos a jugar / we are going to play.
Y si estamos juntos, / And if we are together,
No te perderás. / You won’t get lost.
¡Hey! / Hey!


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