spanish song for kids colores

Colores is a Spanish song for children written and sung by Patty Shukla. The song gets kids up and moving as they practice their colors in Spanish.

Patty Shukla writes and sings fun, educational songs for children. Although most of her music is in English, she has also recorded a CD of Spanish songs for kids called Canta y Baila con Patty. You can find out more about her music on the Patty Shukla website and download Colores from iTunes or Amazon.

This song calls for kids who are wearing certain colors to stand up: Si tienes rojo, levántate. Si tienes rosado, levántate. The song repeats the colors as it tells the kids to dance and then sit down: Rojo y rosado bailen, Rojo y rosado siéntense. There is a simple chorus and then the song mentions two more colors and kids wearing those colors get up and dance.

You can hear the song and see how kids participate in this video of Colores. This is the chorus you will hear: Colores por todos lados, colores aquí y allí. Colores, yo los veo diferentes en mí y en ti. The complete lyrics are available on Patty Shukla’s website. Many thanks to Patty for permission to embed the video!

Like lots of Spanish teachers, I do an activity based on the same idea, where kids wearing certain colors stand up. Identifying the colors and being active keeps kids energized and interested, and of course the movement enhances language learning. This song makes that game even more fun by adding music.

The song provides more repetition of the colors than just having the kids stand, and it keeps everyone involved. When I play the game, I always ask the kids to show me the color and I say “Sí, tienes rojo,” but the whole group is not repeating the words with me. With the song, the whole group is participating all the time. This is one of the great advantages of using music!

You can also use this song by giving the kids different colored cards, or objects, to hold. The phrasing is si tienes (if you have), so it makes perfect sense whether the children are wearing the colors or holding them.

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