spanish song

In this Spanish song and game, El teléfono, kids sing that the phone is ringing and pretend to answer and talk to each other. It is an activity that works with preschoolers and with older kids too. The children sit in a circle and sing the song. After two short verses, there is a pause in the music and one child calls out the name of another. The second child pretends to answer the phone. They talk for a few seconds, and then the music starts again. When there is another pause, the second child calls out the name of a third and the game continues that way. The video is by Josaphat y su tecla and he has other fun songs for kids on YouTube.

For language learners, this Spanish song is a good way to practice answering the phone and greetings like ¿Cómo estás?  You can also give kids some basic guidelines like asking what time the friend is going to visit or for help with something and brainstorm possible conversations before you play. This way, the game can be adapted to practice lots of different vocabulary and structures.

You can also set up the way kids “call” each other in different ways. Calling out a name is fun and everyone can hear what the two children say, but it does add another thing that they have to think about in addition to the language task. To remove this variable, you can establish the order in which kids call each other.  You can also play this game in pairs. You can set it up so that after each conversation one child in each pair moves to the next person and has a new conversation.

This is also a great family game for car rides.  You can get some very silly conversations and sometimes a whole series that relate to each other.

Rin, rin, rin, / Ring, ring, ring
Suena el teléfono, /rings the telephone
Rin, rin, rin, / Ring, ring, ring
Hay que contestar, / You have to answer.

Rin, rin, rin, / Ring, ring, ring
Ha de ser mi amigo, / It must be my friend.
Rin, rin, rin, / Ring, ring, ring,
Me quiere saludar. / who wants to say hi to me.

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